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3 Subtle but significant things to access our body wisdom

Trusting our body and learning to translate the messages and languages of our body is a beautiful art!

How often do you pay attention to your body? How often do you take time to take care of your body-mind and soul? When was the last time that you deeply listened to your body? How important is your relationship with your body and yourself?

This is a great story of a client regarding body wisdom, planting seeds, birth a dream and 100% commitment to oneself.

This client consulted me for getting sessions of osteopathy and somatic coaching a couple of months ago. The story is based on the 5 layers of our body that my client discovered in the sessions. For the sake of better understanding the story you’ll get a short introduction to the five layers of the body from the perspective of Yoga Psychology and Philosophy that resonates with me 100%.

When we’re talking about the body and watch it through a holistic lens, we can see an outer layer called physical body followed by the inner layers named the mental, emotional and spiritual body. From the Yoga Psychology and Philosophy our body has 5 layers named as followed in the order from outside-in:

1.Physical Body
2.Energetic Body
3.Mental/Emotional Body
4.Wisdom Body
5.Spiritual Body

Within the very inner layer called the spiritual body lies our human nature self, our spiritual self of ”who we are”.

It’s to understand how to work through this 5 layers that are covering this core self. How do we learn to optimize our physical body, energetic body, emotional/mental body…to access more our wisdom and natural, human self.

From the perspective of Yoga Psychology we can work from both directions:Work from outside-in by working with the physical body, with physical practice and paying attention to nutrition to shift our inner layers and thought forms or from inside-out by understanding our thought patterns, shadows, and doing inner work, healing work of our wounds,emotional processing that will rebel out and have an effect on the energetic and physical body.

Coming back to my client’s story this client experienced treatment from outside-in first. How did we do this? We started with the outer layer called the physical body by applying osteopathy. The client was suffering from different kind of symptoms and pain in the body. After treating the outer layer “the physical body”, the door opened, and the client approached the inner layers such as the energetic body and the mental/emotional body. As Osteopathy used to be a treatment in silence and only focuses on the physical body, it isn’t part of this approach to support emotional and mental processes. For that reason, the sessions turned out to be a combination of osteopathy, somatic coaching, and process work.

This combination of somatic coaching and process oriented psychology facilitation supported the client’s process of healing, self-exploration, development, and growth. We did inner work, shadow work, went through emotional and mental patterns. Different issues sat in the client’s tissue such as power, rank, and privilege at the workplace, longing for a romantic relationship, issues in the family of origin, dreaming about working on a cottage in the mountain in summer and quitting the job to fulfill that dream.

The client’s willingness to show courage, curiosity and vulnerability helped her to start to listen on a deeper level to the body, the symptoms, and the pain. The door has opened to access her body wisdom.

3 accesses to the body wisdom:

# Access 1: Compassion and vulnerability
All relationships begin with how you treat yourself. Healing and change can happen in our lives when we value our body and listen to the messages of our body.

#Access 2: Pain and body symptoms
To my point of view, the wisdom of the body means that we trust the symptoms and pain as a way of communication of our soul and sometimes the only way our soul can get the attention.

#Acess 3: Intuition and feelings
The wisdom of our body is also about to trust the inner guidance of our intuition, that reaches us through feeling our feelings instead of our intellectual understanding and knowledge.

There’s a saying from a psychosomatic perspective :
“Our issues live in our tissues. ” That means how our mental, emotional, traumatic experiences, wounds and patterns are embedded in our physical tissues.

That was more than obvious in my client’s case. What I loved about my client was how strongly she was committed to herself to walk the talk, to take responsibility for her life, to take care of herself, to have the courage and show vulnerability for the sake of self-love, change, and transformation in her life.

We worked through all layers over the time until we reached the layer of her spiritual body and her essence of who she is. She planted the seeds for her big dream to live and work on a cottage in the mountains for some time and to quit her job to make her dream become true. After one year of frequently coaching, process work and osteopathy her dream became true. She negotiated with her company and took time off to live and work on the cottage on the mountain in the summer.

After this summer break, she went back to work, and she feels better than she’s never felt before in her body, at work, and in her private life. The circumstances haven’t significantly changed but her relationship with herself. She shifted her inner perspective and emotional motivations. She connected to her essence of who she is and changed her mental and emotional state, her awareness of nutrition and body movement. Her change went through all layers of her body first from outside in and then inside out. She learned to set healthy boundaries, to let go and to forgive. She’s out of feeling trapped and feels vitality, relaxation, and freedom within herself followed by gratitude and joy. She learned to take responsibility for herself, walked through all layers to touch the essence and home of who she is. Today she’s living her great story and creates her life by making conscious choices from inside out.

One of her comments:” On this journey of coaching and treatment I learned very impressively and sustainably how much wisdom is in the body and how much the body is talking/whispering non verbally and you need to listen only!”

My heart is filled with joy and gratitude having witnessed her and the emotional process of real change. May we listen to our body in a way that we can translate the signs, messages, and emotions.

What is your body telling you? And what are you dreaming about?

Do you like to know more about somatic coaching and body wisdom? Reach out; I would love to talk to you….you can contact me by emailing to: ab@annabelle-breuer.com

With great love,