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4 Keys to support depression physically and to boost your mood

Depression affects 20,000 000 Americans and 350 000 000 people worldwide every year. This number doesn’t give an idea or overview of depression called situational depression that’s familiar to all of us and that we’ve all experienced at least once in life. Situational depression describes when you feel down, sad, unmotivated, teary, unable to sleep, eat or function and isolated over a period of time and when it moves away naturally. Also, people who are burdened by sadness, loneliness, worthlessness, hurt or anger that is neither biological nor psychological nor spiritual in nature.
It appears for instance in times of significant life changes.

4 keys to support any depression whether it’s a mild depression, a severe form of depression or situational depression.

For those who need to take antidepressants to restore the neurochemical and hormone system, it’s also significant and helpful to restore your body flow, chemistry, and hormonal flow in other ways such as exercising frequently, eating healthy, sleeping enough and meditating. Exercises in balance with a lot of rest vitalize your body, mind, and soul. Over-exercising can pull you back into depression as inactivity can. For that reason, it’s important to treat your body gentle, compassionate and mindful.

# Key 1: Cardio And Rest

What is your relation to your body?

A brilliant form of healing for your body is, for instance, a twenty-minute run or dance routine or a period of any other cardio experience and afterward allow your body to rest and recover.

I’m sure this combination of visceral experience and great recovery gives you amazing vitality and boost your mood.

Exercises such as cardio, raising your heartbeat and toning your muscles have an undoubted impact of healing on your body that is suffering from depression.

The key is to treat activity and rest equally!

People who were inactive need to start slowly and gently to come back to fitness. People who were athletes need to be mindful not to over exercise as they tend to exercise towards fatigue and not resting, recovering and sleeping enough what makes them chemically and physically depressed.

Movement is significant, and balance and flow are as equally important or even more critical.

The key to getting out of a depressive spiral is movement, flow, and balance.

#Key 2: Meditation, Nature And Breathing Techniques

What is your relation to your emotions and breath?

It’s also significant to be in flow in other areas of your life and practice meditation and breathing consciously.

Yoga, Meditation, and nature are great opportunities to get out of your mind, to connect with your emotions, your body, your essence, and life energy.

Special breathing techniques connect your mind with your body and activate your inner fire. The inner fire that tends to be suppressed in depressed states. The element of fire in us has a hot and luminous nature. It helps us to digest easily, to break down life into its components and to keep us moving forward. It helps us to absorb food, to metabolize it and nourish our physical body. It burns our negative thoughts, patterns, fears, and blockades into more subtle forms that sustain our awareness.

The key to getting out of a depressive spiral is movement, flow, and balance.

#Key 3: Sleep

What’s your relationship with sleep?

Sleep plays a tremendous role in your emotional and physical health.
Many studies show that sleep interruption, disruption cause hormonal and chemical imbalance that guides to depression.

In our modern today’s world, an average of people is out of our daily, natural, seasonal rhythm.

We were meant to get up when the sun rises and slow down with the sunset and sleep in the dark. Our society tends to be separated from our cycles of the day and seasons due to an exaggerated focus on work. An extreme way of productivity has created a population of overwork and overtired that may be depressed because of sleep deficits.

It’s significant to become aware of your sleeping patterns in case depression is an issue for you! If you take stimulants and energy booster such as coffee, tea, sugar in the morning and depressants such as alcohol, overeating, tobacco, drugs at night, notice something is going on in your life.
All kind of artificial support( stimulants and downers) will interrupt your sleep cycles and has an impact on your energy, hormonal and chemical system. It may be that they will help you for a short while and lighten your mood through your day and collapse you at night, but they will only make your depression worse.

There is no replacement for deep and healthy sleep!

The key to getting out of a depressive spiral is movement, flow, and balance.

#Key 4: Nutrition

What’s your relationship with food?

It’s essential to become aware of your eating behaviors when you’re emotional, or your depressive tendencies are present.

How do you engage your emotions in this case? Do you slow down or do you distract yourself with comfort food or extreme diets?

When you’re in a depressive spiral and treat yourself as an object and abuse food to get you out of depression, you’ll increase the spiral of depression and imbalance and maybe create more unhealthy eating habits.

How can you break this pattern?

You don’t need to abuse food. You need to wake you up and treat food as food and engage your emotions and work with them. For instance, if you like sweeties eat them moderately because you like them but not because you feel sad, lonely, depressed or angry and you want to boost your emotional mood.

Never eat because you’re emotionally upset!

Bring consciousness to your eating. You can name the emotion, and you can call that you’re hungry. For example, you may say: “I feel depressed now, and I feel hungry for dinner.”
Naturally, naming raises awareness and mindfulness and gives voice to both as well to your emotional mood as to your state of hunger. And it treats both as separate entities.

Your emotions need to be honored instead of fed!

The key to getting out of a depressive spiral is movement, flow, and balance.

Depression isn’t a lack of happiness, joy or expansive emotions. Depression shows up in response to the exterior and/or interior conflicts. It is an answer to an internal imbalance and unresolved inner friction that reduces the ability to feel any emotions properly.

Depression is a wake-up call to listen more deeply to ourselves, and it has a vital healing purpose. Therefore it is essential to strengthening our physical body, move our emotional body, wake up our energetic body and pay attention to nutrition, breathing and sleep for the sake of balance.

I hope you raise your awareness to all of it above to get out of the depressive spiral!

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Annabelle-C. Breuer-Udo is an Osteopath, Coach, Naturopath, Psychotherapist, and TriYoga Instructor. She is passionate about and an Expert in Somatic Coaching, Process Oriented Psychology, Great Story Coaching, and Leadership from inside out. She has great experience in the combination of Yoga, Somatic Coaching, and Psychology.