Annabelle Breuer Udo Coaching High Sensitivity HSP

Integrative Medicine Practioner, Author, Certified Coach (ACC)

Hi, I’m Annabelle!

I support highly sensitive women and leaders to create ways to thrive in this world, live vibrant health, and claim their capacity as a sensitive leader.

Seeing other highly sensitive women thrive and succeed lights me up. It's my life purpose to evoke women's sensitive leadership capacity, the healing process, and the health path. I'm passionate about motivating and encouraging highly sensitive women to claim and nurture their sensitive Self, live a healthy, balanced, and purposeful life.

My focus is on transformational coaching, integrative medicine health coaching, and leadership development. I'm a whole-living expert, highly intuitive, highly sensitive people expert, deep listener, and spiritual guide, who walks with you through all seasons of life.

I understand intimately and on a deep level what it is like to live with High Sensitivity, strong emotions, and sensory overload. Over the years, through my own experiences and by working with countless highly sensitive women, men, and children, I've learned how to thrive in this world with this trait. Moreover, I came to the place of accepting my sensitive Self and staying in touch with the power of my authentic feelings and vulnerability. Practicing self-compassion and self-care has become part of my daily routine.

Brief facts about me

01 Growing up

Born and raised in Germany.

02 Health Challenges

My highly sensitive trait that brings here and there challenges if I don't practice self-compassion, set healthy boundaries, and take care of myself and nurture myself. 

03 Eating Habits

I don't like following one specific diet and label my eating habits, and you don't have to either. I love the Ayurvedic lifestyle and eating habits. I'm an advocate of intuitive eating, and Ayurveda supports it. Therefore, I integrate the Ayurvedic lifestyle and eating habits more and more in my life.

04 Drink of Choice

Warm lemon water, warm lemon & ginger water with honey, still water, homemade coffee with fresh beans from Dunn Brothers, herbal teas, wine.

05 Ideal Vacation

Spending time in nature. This can be the mountains or the ocean or a lake. I also like exploring other cultures and countries or an extended weekend for a city sightseeing tour. Good food and the company of my husband is part of an ideal vacation.

06 My Passion

Travelling, nature, writing, cooking healthy food, meditation, yoga, swimming, hiking, learning, reading, deep conversations, astrology, spirituality, inner work, supporting other sensitive women to create anything they want.

07 Best Decisions Of My Life

Get married again, career change, establish in a country other than the country of origin.

08 Current Home

I live happily with my husband in Minnesota, United States of America.

How I got here

Before I focused my business on coaching and consultation, before I wrote my first book, and before I moved to the United States, I was a practitioner of Osteopathic Medicine.

As a passionate lifelong learner, I continued to study. I deepened and expanded my knowledge and experiences in the field of psychology, integrative medicine, wholistic living, healing, coaching, and leadership development.

I moved several times in my life, lived in different countries, and went through different challenging life and business experiences. All of those experiences helped me growing and expanding into my sensitive Self. I learned how to thrive in this world and life as a highly sensitive woman and leader. During my career, I've been done deep, inner work, and with countless highly sensitive people/clients.

Which leads me to why this site exists: I'm here to serve you.

I'm not perfect, and I released trying to be. But I do know that you can create anything you want if you're willing to take responsibility for it, do your inner work and claim your sensitive leadership gifts.

My passion and purpose are to help other sensitive women to create vibrant health and lives that they truly love. I’ve committed to sharing my medical knowledge, learnings, experiences and wisdom in order to support other sensitive women and leaders to thrive in this world, in relationships, systems, and workplaces through this blog, online & in-person coaching, online programs, workshops, classes, and my free email newsletter. Subscribe below to get monthly new inspirations. 

Professional Bio of Annabelle

Annabelle Breuer-Udo's backgrounds origin in Osteopathic Medicine, and Naturopathic Physical Medicine. She is a Certified Coach, Yoga Teacher, and Yogi. Over the years, she expanded and deepened her learning and experience in General Psychology, Process-oriented and Yoga Psychology, Coaching, Leadership, Functional NutritionAromatherapy, Yoga, and Meditation, Mindfulness and Ayurveda. Thus, she brings extensive and deep knowledge, experience, and wisdom of the whole body and pulls it together to integrative medicine coaching, consultation, and transformational coaching with leadership development. All in all, Annabelle has been working with clients for 15+ years.

During her career, she has also been working with physicians and hospital environments. She managed and motivated small teams in hospitals and was the director of her former practice in Germany.

Annabelle is the author of the book The Magic About Pain.

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