The Magic about Pain

How Facing Your Pain Can Transform Your Life

My debut publication titled “The Magic About Pain” captures the message of dismantling chronic stress and pain. How can facing your pain change your life? Meanwhile reading my book, you will learn to listen to your body messages. In addition, you will experience to identify your unique body language. Thus you will regain optimal health and well-being, lasting freedom, and joy.

The Magic about Pain - Annabelle Breuer-Udo

Each individual is a part of a cohort. The lifestyle, personal growth, and specific nutrition influence the context of its life. Above all, it is about how the whole body is designed to heal and not only to manage! The book points out that healing, transformation, and lifestyle change is a whole process. That's why there are no quick fixes or short cuts. It takes courage to face pain and stress. In conclusion, the book demonstrates how important it is to do deep inner work. Only that way you will get to the roots of pain and stress instead of only numb the symptoms and mask the pain. Let the magic happen in your life! 

This book is a client conversion book and part of my coaching program. In the beginning, you can start your transformational process by only reading it. Later on, you may dive into my coaching program. Of course, it is also possible to read and being coached at the same time. Personally, I would not recommend to only read the book and skip the coaching. Real transformational and spiritual work is not something that happens without support. You will often need a professional that can point onto the blind spots.

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