Health Coaching 

“The Body Is A Whole Unit”

– Andrew Taylor Still

Coaching for your health and personal growth

My integrative health coaching approach weaves together holistic health coaching, transformational life coaching, and somatic coaching. Therefore, I combine Process-Oriented and Yoga PsychologyOsteopathic Medicine, Naturopathic Medicine, Functional Nutrition, Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness.

Did you know? 90% of you what you are eating, your relationships, your supplements, your exercise, your genomic, the microbiome, your health history, your family history, and your environmental exposures are often not captured in the electronic records that doctors are looking at. Feelings of chronic stress, body symptoms and pain are signals that your whole body system is out of balance. Do you want to get rid of those inhibitors? Most importantly you need to look at your whole body in the context of your whole life.

Part of my work with my clients is to take a thoroughly intake at the beginning. In other words, I will listen on a deeper level to their bodies. I consider every single aspect of my client. This includes the physical, mental and emotional body as well as the energetic, spiritual and soul body. What my clients are eating, their entire personal history from when they were born until now, today’s data such as microbiome, everything together composes a whole picture of my client. It also helps to guide, coach, and consult supporting health and personal development and growth. 

With my integrative coaching approach, I can help you during times when chronic, complex or confusing situations are affecting the health-body, mind, spirit and/or soul. If you are willing to unravel the mess, we create a plan to move forward into the life you want!

In the following, I would like to tell you about my Holistic Health Coaching, Transformational Life Coaching, and Somatic Coaching.

Holistic Health Coaching

In my Holistic Health Coaching, I combine and bridge western medicine with eastern medicine. Consequently, I consider all aspects of you. Your physical body, your mental and emotional body, your energetic and spiritual body, everything is important. A holistic approach to optimal health and well-being starts with understanding how your Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude, and Nutrition choices integrate and set the stage for your overall health. As a Certified Health Coach, I can support you to make your lifestyle change happen. I will guide you to make simple steps to take charge of your health and evoke well-being yourself.

Transformational Life Coaching

As a Certified Life Coach, I support you to identify the obstacles that keep you from living your highest potential-from your soul. This one-on-one interaction provides a non-judgmental, supportive, powerful relationship that helps to explore the story of your life. Do you feel trapped in your career, health, relationships, life transitions, life purpose, or self-development? Within your coaching process and your personal journey of growth and greatness, you will awaken and expand your conscious leadership. Moreover, you will identify limiting and sabotaging beliefs as well as authentic and false emotions. You will clarify intentions, values, visions, and reframe your thoughts and attitudes. Finally, you will let go of unuseful habits, and rewrite the story of your life to create the life which you dream of.

Somatic Coaching

For sustainable healing and transformation to occur and for a reliable lasting change,  a key component must be included: The wisdom of the body. Most coaching bypass body wisdom. As a former practitioner of osteopathic medicine, I gained 15+ years of work experience with clients on a deep body level. Beyond that, I honed a profound and extensive knowledge and experience of the body. Within your coaching process, you will move out of the head and dive deep into the body to explore all aspects of the whole body. You will encounter the physical, mental, emotional, energetic, wisdom, spiritual, and soul body.

The self and body are connected. Consequently, if you affect the body you affect the self as well. In the coaching process, you will learn to listen to your body. You will become a compassionate observer of body symptoms, stress symptoms, and your feelings and emotions. All the sensations that are happening in your body, every story that is running through your head. Our bodies are built through our lifetime, however, we keep unresolved and not healed experiences in our cell memories. "The issue lies in the tissue" is a say. By reconnecting the mind with the body and heart you will explore that being embodied is a powerful, vulnerable and impactful experience. It also allows to believe and trust in the body wisdom and competence. In conclusion, it's a process in which you embody new practices to be able to create a body of action.

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