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A Story about my Grandma on Daily Routines & Harmony With Nature

How Do Daily Routines lift you up as a Highly Sensitive Person?

Daily routines are crucial to maintaining harmony with nature from an Ayurvedic Medicine viewpoint and also from my and many other’s experiences. Most importantly, they are essential for highly sensitive people (I’ve created a Self-test to find out whether you’re highly sensitive or not – Check it out!). They strengthen your immune system, digestive system, and hormonal system. Overall, daily routines balance your body and mind.

My Grandma role-modeled the concept of daily routines and living in harmony with nature entirely.

And here’s the story:

My Grandma passed away many years ago, and these days she was crossing my mind often. Whenever I was in an altered state of consciousness, whether it was in meditation or cooking or showering, she would show up, and I’d get into a dialogue with her.

Do you know this experience where you get into contact and dialogue with some of your compassionate, loving spirits from your ancestor’s line? I call them compassionate, helping spirits, and from time to time, I call them in, ask them for help, and co-create with them.

I loved my Grandma in her uniqueness. She was a tall and beautiful woman with soft skin. She was soft and tender in her heart AND strong, clear, and awake in her mind at the same time and very creative. She had a sense of beauty and aesthetics and a very creative streak. Looking back, I see her loving heart with clear eyes, and her alert, strong mind, with an energetic, joyful body and deeply rooted and grounded.

Yesterday when I was taking a bath, I was traveling back in time into the beautiful memories of routines that I experienced with her in my stages of childhood and adolescence. And I remembered some of my visits vividly. She was role-modeling a lifestyle with routines and rituals, and I loved it and enjoyed spending time with her. Yesterday I was wondering: What was it that made me the way that I was feeling? And I came along with the answer that it was the daily rhythm and routines/rituals she practiced in harmony with nature. When I was with her, I could live and experience the rhythms and routines with her.

How did our daily routines look like? I’ll tell you:

We would get up and have breakfast every morning at the same time. The breakfast was very healthy. After breakfast, we would go out for either a walk in nature or visiting a museum, zoo, or park and spent time in one of these environments till lunchtime. For lunch, we would return home. Every day between noon and 2 pm, she cooked something fresh and homemade. There wasn’t refined sugar, or processed foods on the table. Instead, there was always a variety of veggies and some fruits as dessert. She was very health conscious regarding food back in these days.

The daily routines and rituals continued. After lunchtime, she’d take a nap, and I had alone time/me-time. After her nap, we’d have a cup of tea together and a little snack and then move with new energy into some creative time along in the afternoon. This could look like, for example, playing a board game or painting or craft something or watching a photo album… And then dinner time came closer. My Grandma prepared something light every evening at about the same time. Again homemade, no processed foods, no refined sugar. And the routines continued… after dinner, we’d watch the news. Then the time for completing the day came. We sat together on the couch, and she read a few chapters of a book to me shortly before bedtime. After it was time to go to the bathroom and then to bed, and I would fall asleep well nurtured, satisfied, fulfilled, and grateful.

And here’s how I experienced it:

I enjoyed all of it a lot. It was fun and the right amount between stimuli and downtime every day for a highly sensitive person. She didn’t know that I was highly sensitive, and I didn’t know either at this time. But my body knew and still remembers today that something was good about routines and rituals because I felt it and perceived it and can still recall it today.

She was meeting my needs as a highly sensitive child very well – means giving the right amount of stimuli AND downtime to recharge by spending time in nature every day, and providing excellent healthy food/nutrition, besides practicing daily rhythms/routines aligned with seasonal routines/rituals from an Ayurvedic perspective.

Back in these days, I didn’t know that I was highly sensitive, and I didn’t know anything about Ayurvedic Medicine. As so often, we understand our life backward as we move forward.

From my today’s highly sensitive and Ayurvedic understanding and experience, it was the lifestyle of maintaining harmony with nature that would balance health and well-being and give energy and vitality, ease and joy.

Get balanced through daily routines

Balance makes us feel at ease. Imbalances show up in diseases. Therefore follow daily routines and rituals for balance and to be in harmony with nature, especially in these days of transition where nothing is anymore as it was and where old routines were disrupted. New routines need to be created newly. Ayurvedic Medicine is very helpful when it comes to create routines according to your unique body constitution. It supported me in any time of transition or storms in life and many of my clients, as well. Contact me if you’d like to explore the powerful forces of my favorite tool Ayurveda.

Today I’m very grateful for my Grandma for giving me the powerful experience of living a day with daily routines and rituals and role modeling beautifully the blending of Yin and Yang, feminine and masculine. Thanks for showing up these days. I’m grateful for you!

I’ll leave you here with the question: How do your daily routines look like right now in the current situation of COVID-19? Sit down, take a cup of coffee or tea, and take a moment to write down a list with your daily routines from the time you wake up till the time you go to bed. And please leave a comment below, I want to hear from you.

Have a joy-filled day, and stay well wherever you’re in the world!


Daily Routines in the morning


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