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The Secret of your Emotional Body and How Emotional Detox Impact Our Health

Using your emotional body and practicing regular emotional detox will change your way of living and health! Your emotional health is crucial to living a purpose-filled life.

What is your relationship with your emotions and what is an emotional body? 

Do you feel your feelings or instead prefer to talk about them or ignore them? Are you trying to cut them off, repress, suppress them at work, at home, and in your relationships? Do you know how to detox your emotional body?

First of all, the mental/ emotional body is one of the 5 Bodys/5 Koshas (layers) in our body. In other words, the layers are the Map of our Being. (You can get more information about the other layers in my book “The Magic About Pain”). The reason for detoxification, in general, is to flush out toxins and other harmful substances. Also, it is helpful to recharge your body, reduce stress, and improve overall health. But while physical cleanses undoubtedly have a variety of health benefits when done correctly, emotional health – an essential part of overall wellness – is often overlooked.

Why do we need an emotional detox?

Many people are scared or afraid of feeling what they are feeling. Moreover, in many cultures people struggle to identify how they feel because they were taught in their homes not to feel, or to fear, ignore or overcome their emotions. You may remember your parents saying “stop crying,” “get over it”… or when people criticize or judge others who show sensitivity. As a result, the experience we made in our family of origin and society contributed to building our Mindset and core beliefs. And our thinking mind and core beliefs create an emotional reaction. 

Therefore, our issues in the family, work, or relationships that are repressed and not healed wounds show up in emotional stress and physical pain. In fact, suppressing emotions can operate as a kind of anesthetic and cause pain, emotional stress, emotional eating, and tension in your body (Read more about it in my article “What every person ought to know about living a stress-free life”.)

Behind every physical pain and stress is a hidden emotion, thought, and core belief that wants to get attention, be felt, observed, and witnessed. Repressing or suppressing is never a solution. Your emotional fluidity is crucial to living an authentic, healthy life. And therefore you need an emotional detox from time to time.

What we usually do with our emotions

Yet very often we bypass our emotional body and find a beautiful love language to talk about emotions instead of really feeling them as sensations in our body and heart. I noticed that very often the language of love and light is used very sloppy to avoid really feeling as we are so used to moving away from what we feel!

If we deny and reject the complexity of our human experience, including our emotional discomfort and comfort, we will refuse our aliveness in us and others. We often push away the emotional reaction away to life.

Hence our emotional body and emotional life need special attention and observation. Both positive and negative emotions, real and false emotions are essential and part of being human. But when we can’t heal and master them properly, we can find ourselves stuck in a downward spiral and judgment fast. Consequently, this can cause stress and have a severe impact on every aspect of our lives – especially our health. Therefore it is vital to make room for our feelings and acknowledge them. 

Are you aware of your full range of emotions and how to feel them but not letting them have you stuck in your victim story and narratives? 

Thich Nhat Hanh said, “An emotion is only an emotion. It’s just a small part of your whole being. You are much more than your emotion. An emotion comes, stays for a while, and goes away, just like a storm. If you’re aware of that, you won’t be afraid of your emotions.”

There may be occasions when we need to overcome and deal with our trouble related feelings quickly. Whereas other circumstances, we can make space and time for exploring and learning from feeling our emotions and take a break for emotional detox. It will benefit your overall health and well-being without a doubt.

What get us stuck in our emotions? How should emotions be? 

It’s simple: The judgment of our emotions gets us stuck. If we don’t get involved with the narratives, the why, the how, the judgment, the “what is if”… The emotion clearly passes through us. Feelings are for feeling, not for knowing. E-motions are energy in motion and a human condition. There is nothing wrong about being emotional!

Moreover, emotions need to flow freely. They need to rise and fall naturally like the waves of the ocean. Holding onto them for too long and staying attached or stuck into them is not healthy, causes stress, tension, and illness in our body, mind, and soul.

Furthermore, your emotions can become your greatest ally and leader as you learn to heal and master them because emotions are messengers of our soul. They are a sign of disbalance or balance. As soon as we understand and trust that emotions are messengers and clues to our core beliefs, we’re willing to pay attention to them and take care of ourselves in a new way. Accordingly, the emotions can function as soul messengers and provide us information from integrity that leads us to new possibilities, perspectives and choices, and attitudes in our relationships, at work and home. 

In the same way, feeling our emotions is the most powerful gift that can even let us feel powerful in the most powerless situation. Thus feeling, recognizing, acknowledging, and understanding our emotions help us to thrive in life with enormous potential. Also overcome, heal, and master negative ones can support us in our process to notice and create new possibilities in our life.

While healing, mastering, and detoxing your emotions is essential, it’s easier said than done.

How you could do an emotional detox

Finally taking regular emotional detox breaks will help you handle your emotions with ease. Also, it will help cleanse your entire body system so that you can reach your full potential and enjoy the abundant life. It is equally important to take care of your emotional body and your physical body to detox. For example, having a hard cry once in a while can be very freeing. Also, it’s cleansing and clarifying and can relieve stress and leave us feeling grounded and calm. There’s such a bias about crying like something is wrong, or that you need support. Although sometimes this might be true, in other times crying is a good thing to feel all you feel, and let the energy move through you. Allow yourself to express your emotions in a way that supports your process.

Reasons to cry it out

*Stress Reliever

*Mood Regulation

*Pain Reliever

*Releases Toxins

*Lowers Blood Pressure

*Sleep Aid

Of course, there are many other ways in addition to crying to cleanse and detox on an emotional level.

For instance, Medicinal Grade Essential Oils are excellent in supporting our emotional processes and well-being. Some of my clients and also myself have amazing experiences with the source of essential oils. I love them!

Yoga, Meditation, and Breath awareness practice, as well as coaching and mindset training, can help with how to be with the emotional body.

All in all, it is the greatest act of self-love and self-respect to care about your emotional body. We human beings have forgotten to take responsibility for ourselves, our health, body, and also our soul and joy in life.

To sum up, to heal the external world we must begin within. Emotional awareness and emotional detox will help you handle emotions with ease so that you can reach your full potential and enjoy the abundant life. Trust me, it’s really THAT important, and I invite you to come along on the journey with me.

If you are a highly sensitive person or an empath, you need probably more than an emotional detox. Check out my latest blog: “What is a Highly Sensitive Person, and what is the relation with stress?

If you feel ready and willing to take responsibility for your emotional body and detox emotions, and you dream about emotional freedom, reach out to me.


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