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Who are you in your CORE as a Highly Sensitive Person?

Today, I would like to give you further insight into the trait of high sensitivity with an important topic: The SELF of a highly sensitive person.

Do you have developed a strong SENSE of who you are? How strong is your SELF developed as a HIGHLY SENSITIVE PERSON?

Before you continue reading, did you know that I’ve developed a Self-Test that will reveal if you’re a highly sensitive person? Take the Self-Test here!
While highly sensitive persons (HSP) feel everything stronger, more intense and deeper, their SELF-PERSPECTION is often underdeveloped. What I want to say is that HSP’s often feel so much that they lose the feeling for themselves and their needs and therefore their perception of themselves.
This can have unwanted consequences such as:

Many highly sensitive people feel like there’s something wrong with them

They tend to take things very personally

Bury their emotions, hide them or reject them

The feeling of being overwhelmed or overstimulated

And more…

A strongly developed self-perception is important for our overall body, well-being, our health, and our relationships. Yet many HSP’s have not had the opportunity to develop a strong self.

What exactly is meant by the SELF?

I feel my SELF perception deep inside myself, in my heart and in my whole body. It is a strong feeling and also the belief in myself, the trust in me and the big whole. With a strong self-perception you simply know that you are right, enough and lovable as you are. You do not have to correct yourself.
We get this strength in us through our parents. They help us to get to know ourselves well and to perceive ourselves. Also, to recognize who we are at our core, what we like, love and what we want. Many of us have not had this experience in our childhood. This is sad. But fortunately all of us have the opportunity, if we want to, to catch up and develop a strong SELF later in life.
If we do not have a strongly developed Self, we tend to ignore or hide our needs. We are more focused on others and the outside. But unmet needs always come to the surface-earlier or later. Let me repeat again, unfulfilled needs always come to the surface at some point.

The importance of the own needs for a HSP

Evolutionarily, highly sensitive people have learned to be in harmony with others and their needs. But often they are not in harmony with themselves. It can be very challenging to recognize your own unfulfilled needs. Many of us, including myself, didn’t know what we need, what our needs are when we’ve started our inner work.
If we do not recognize our own needs, we cannot fulfill them or get them fulfilled.
I find it so fascinating that 20% of the population (20% of the population are HSP’s) are so good at reading, recognizing and fulfilling the needs and emotions of others, but hardly their own.
How many of us have grown up and been asked what do you need?
Meeting our own needs makes us powerful, strong and gives us energy. It is healthy to fulfill our own needs.
The art of Ayurveda has helped me a lot on this way. Ayurveda puts a strong emphasis on self-responsibility. It teaches us to recognize our own needs and to make conscious decisions for our and the common good.

Feeling overwhelmed as a HSP

Do you know the feeling of being overwhelmed and over-stimulated? Or feeling overloaded? Or a highly stressed nervous system?
Those are one of the common challenges for highly sensitive people, if they have not yet learned to take responsibility and care for themselves.
Overwhelm feels like the brain has opened too many tabs. Many highly sensitive people, who have newly experienced that they are highly sensitive and then start their inner work, struggle with this feeling. Until they get the tools and learn to turn it into an opportunity and gift. Therefore it is important that we understand the quality of high sensitivity well. We need to learn what is good for us and what is not, and then take care of our needs.
How? I have a few tools at hand that I use in my coaching sessions. Feel free to reach out to me.
The feeling of being overwhelmed is tricky because it can wear many masks. It needs awareness and practice, practice, practice to get to know this quality with its many masks.
Usually it is caused by highly sensitive people being over-stimulated by too much responsibility, multitasking, too much noise, input, too many stimuli, too much social media or large crowds and too little downtime.
Overstimulation also occurs when highly sensitive people do not take enough time for themselves. Sometimes HSP’s do not have enough energy to allow the fine, active brain and nervous system to process and digest all the information that comes in day in, day out.

The signs of overstimulation of a highly sensitive person

Here are a few signs of overwhelming, overstimulation, and stress:

Nervousness or anxiety

Difficulties to focus and concentrate

Difficulties in completing tasks

Shallow breathing


Feeling strongly emotional or emotionally numb

Mild depressed, no motivation, no energy

General exhaustion – body and mind

Resentment or anger

Digestive problems

Groggy waking up

Foggy and not clear in the head

Difficulty falling asleep or sleeping through the night.

Other body symptoms such as headaches, migraines, muscle tension…

I know that before I started to work on myself and had my own tools at hand, I had often experienced the feeling of overstimulation. It was expressed in one or the other of the signs listed above. At that time I did not know that it was part of my high sensitivity. Today I am a few steps wiser😊. I have learned about my needs, know what I need, what is good for me, what is not. Also, I learned to take good care and live happily, powerfully with the gift of sensitivity. I wish the same for you.
Are you aware of the feeling of being overwhelmed, overstimulated, stressed? How do you turn it into a gift and a possibility?
Do you have a strongly developed SELF and a good sense for yourself, your needs, what you need? What is good for you, what is not, what you want?
My motto: Feel deeply, live powerfully!
Stay well and healthy,


Highly Sensitive Persons
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