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Living a healthy life during COVID-19

14 keys to lead a healthy life as a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) during the COVID-19 Pandemic

I know there’s a lot of content, messages, and e-mails running around the world right now. And I’m aware that you may have heard a lot of tips and advice on what to do and how to treat yourself. Nevertheless, I thought it’s vital to cheer us all on to continue to take good care of ourselves. Because it’s tempting to lose momentum and fall into the trap of getting lazy about taking responsibility for our health and well-being. Therefore, in today’s blog, you’ll find a list of powerful keys to lead a healthy life during COVID-19.

Control your thoughts

We can’t control what is happening out there right now. But we can control our emotional response to it and lean in and surrender into the mystery of life and wonder what does life wants to teach me right now? What does nature want to teach me right now? We’re in the midst of the transition from a world and structures that will never be the same. It’s our way into a new world with new structures, and we don’t know yet what it might look like. But we’re in the midst of this transition from old to new, and we can contribute by doing our best, taking good care of ourselves, our body and mind, and setting our best and highest intentions every day to spread hope, compassion, love, and care.

If you’re stuck in a downward spiral of fear or anxiety, despair, or hopelessness, I totally understand you, and it’s okay. This time of uncertainty can get all of us to a point where we might feel stuck in a downward spiral. I also experience it from time to time. Fortunately, I’ve some tools in my backpack to get back to the upward spiral and vibrancy and fluidity of life – the the river of life – and I’m happy to share them with you at any time. In case you feel stuck in a downward spiral, I’d highly recommend reaching out and ask for help. At the moment, there’s an abundance of help and support out there, and you can always contact me! You might also want to check out my last week’s blog on March Series Leading from Inside Out with Resilience & Emotional Flexibility.

I know from a place of inner knowing that it’s possible to hold all our feelings from fear, anxiety to hope AND joy, love, AND compassion (there’s no either-or) and give the higher vibrancy of emotions more room and space and operate from there. I know it’s possible!

Start with yourself

It’s crucial that we start with ourselves and take care of ourselves first. After that, we can pay attention to the environment. It isn’t helpful if we focus on the outside world; the environment first and forget about ourselves, our body, mind, immune system, nervous system, digestive system, and hormonal system. The tendencies that many highly sensitive people have is to overgive and overcare. Consequently, they get overstimulated, exhausted, tired, and depleted at some point. Their immune system gets compromised, and they put themselves on a higher risk to the environment – to get hit by environmental threats and emotional waves or arrows from the outside world.

How to live a healthy life during COVID 19

Here’s a list of 14 powerful keys and tools to live a healthy life during COVID-19

Key 1: Grounding through conscious breathing (5-10 minutes every day)

Our thoughts and breath mirror each other and are connected. When you feel anxiety, fear, and overwhelm, that’s all reflected in your breath. The movement of breath and the movement of thought is the same thing. Once you notice you’ve too many thoughts, feelings of overwhelm, or getting stressed, find a comfortable position and bring your attention to your thoughts and feelings. Then focus on your breath and just notice your inhalation and exhalation. Breathe deeply, inhale through your nose slowly on the count of 3, pause on the top of the inhalation on the count of 2 and then exhale on the count of 6; hold for 2 counts. Repeat 3-5 times. Aim to have the exhalation twice longer than the inhalation or equally long.

Key 2: Become aware of rapid-fire questions and thoughts such as…

… what if I’ll get the virus? And if I’ll lose my job? What if…? Stop the cycle by going to Key 1 “breathing”!

Key 3: Reduce the number of conversations about Coronavirus

Clear Stress & Anxiety by being selective with the news and staying up to date on the latest facts from trusted sources and experts such as WHO, CDC, John Hopkin University.

Key 4: Meditate

Research shows that effective meditation helps to reduce and recover from over-stimulation. It also strengthens the immune system and calms your body and mind. And I agree with it from my own experience. There’re many different meditation practices out there – not only sitting in silence. Contact me for information and instruction on meditation.

Key 5: Get good sleep

Get 6-8 hours. Consider medicinal grade essential oils to support good sleep. Contact me for more information about essential oils and aromatherapy. Disconnect from TV, Social Media at least one hour before bedtime.

Key 6: Eat well

Eat well and healthy according to your unique body constitution:

*Drink enough water

*Eat more fruits, veggies, no refined sugars and processed food

*Consider supplements

The concept of Ayurveda is very impactful and powerful when it comes to eating habits and balancing our lifestyle and Doshas. Contact me if you’d like to learn more about the concept of Ayurveda for leading a healthy life.

Key 7: Get regular exercise and move your body

Find a balance between cardio, stretching, and strengthening. Move your body every day at least 15 minutes.

Key 8: Use social media mindfully

There’s also a lot of trash running around social media. Be aware of key 4.

Key 9: Connect…

with your loved ones, communities, tribes, supportive groups – those who are feeding you and not depleting!

Key 10: Laughter, hugging and cuddling

The benefit of all three is it releases stress hormones. It triggers the release of endorphins and strengthens the immune system.

Key 11: Fill your positive tank

Think of all your positive experiences in life!

Key 12: Consider the concept of Ayurveda

Learn more about Ayurveda here: Three Steps to Intuitive Eating and an Ayurvedic Lifestyle.

Key 13: Consider supplements

If you need some information, let me know!

Key 14: Find Joy, Beauty & Gratitude every day to live a healthy life during COVID-19

This is a long list, I know. But I hope you’ll find it helpful. For now, I wish for you to continue to take good care of yourself with consistency and endurance. Stay healthy and optimistic. We’re all into it together, and we’ll get through it.

If you need help with any of those keys and you don’t know how to manifest them, or you’re trapped in a downward spiral, please contact me, and we can set up a call. I’m more than happy to support you and serve you during this challenging time of transition!

Have a joy-filled day, and stay well wherever you’re in the world!


P.S. Know someone else who could benefit from this information? Please share!

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