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High Sensitivity

Sensitive and Receptive to other’s Emotions? You’re Not Alone

When it comes to other’s emotions and energies, many sensitive people tend to feel them as well. This is one gift of being highly sensitive and it can be sometimes very challenging, overwhelming and also exhausting. It can cause sensory overload in you and you might become reactive rather than responsive. But what is if you aren’t aware of your high sensitivity trait? 

Have you noticed tendencies in you being emotional receptive and sensitive to others? Are you wondering if you’re highly sensitive? Maybe you’re new to the trait? Perhaps you’ve heard about it, and you want to learn more about it? Maybe your partner, spouse, children, colleagues, boss, parents….could be highly sensitive?

Stay with me and read more about the trait named High Sensitivity in this blog

About 15 years ago, I heard about high sensitivity for the first time. Back in this time, Dr. Elaine N. Aron’s book “The Highly Sensitive Person” crossed my path. For those who don’t know who Dr. Elaine N. Aron is, she is the pioneer researcher on high sensitivity since 1991.

When I was reading her book the first time, I was speechless because I couldn’t believe that so many things she was describing were applying to me. Her book got me curious, and I wanted to explore more about this trait. 

Ever since my journey on high sensitivity started, and I continued seeking more truth about this trait in me and others and in the world. In the beginning, my critical voice was loud, and I doubted that this trait was real. I think I didn’t want to accept myself with this trait, and I was judging myself a lot. As a result, I also was ignoring it and putting it aside for a long time as if it was not essential. I was excluding a necessary part of me for a long time and not treating myself with compassion and understanding. Instead, I was very hard with myself. 

Have you ever experienced in your life that you ignored something to the extent of not facing it and just bypass it? How did that go? 

In my experience, when I ignore certain things, they will come back and knock on my door (metaphorical spoken), again and again. I’ll give you an example: let’s say you are dreaming about having a dog in your life, but you think it’s not the right time. Therefore, you put the dream aside. Suddenly you notice every so often you encounter people with dogs or conversations about dogs. Have you noticed this phenomenon in your life? It keeps knocking on your door. It can be the same with high sensitivity. You might think there’s some truth in it, but you ignore it, and suddenly you see a lot of FB posts or blogs about high sensitivity or people are coming into your life, and in a conversation, it comes to high sensitivity. 

If you’ve got a gut feeling or sense of being highly sensitive, I can only recommend staying with this feeling and maybe take a test or questionnaire and/or talk to an expert. It’s worth it because it will change your narrative and your life! This trait is real!

To me, it took me a while to explore and accept it because I was resisting it for too long. I didn’t want to label myself as highly sensitive and sound like I’m super special because of that trait. One day, I noticed that I was trapped in negative and judgmental self-talk what is very normal for highly sensitive people when it comes to their awareness. Suddenly I realized that it is my unique potential given to me in this lifetime, and I want to bring more of it into this world because the world needs more sensitivity. Also, I want to encourage other highly sensitive people to claim their gift and find ways how to be with the challenge that it brings with. In addition, I feel it is necessary to educate non-highly sensitive people about this beautiful trait. Because of this, I want for other highly sensitive women and men that they don’t wait too long to explore this beautiful gift and learn to be with the challenges of it to thrive in this world. 

What are the traits of High Sensitivity?

Here’s a quick definition for those of you who are new to learning about the trait:

The term high sensitivity (HS) or highly sensitive person (HSP) was characterized in the 1990s by American psychologist and psychotherapist Dr. Elaine N. Aron.

According to her, a pioneer in researching, Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) is a unique, innate trait that at least 20% of the population had. In the scientific world, it is described as sensory processing sensitivity. It has nothing to do with being an introvert as 30% of highly sensitive people are extroverts.

Important: It is NOT a disorder! It’s a personal trait, such as eye color. The sensory processing sensitivity (HSP) trait evolved as a survival strategy of the population. Highly sensitive people’s nervous system is very powerful and differentiative. Still, on the other hand, it is more sensitive to stress and overstimulation.

As stated by Dr. Aron, the HSP trait is concluded in the acronym DOES, which stands for:

*Depth of processing


*Emotionally responsive, and Empathy

*Sensing subtleties

Stress and Highly Sensitive People

These days, stress is a major challenge for many people as well as Non-HSP as HSPs. To name a few examples: a hectic, boring, stressful job, a chaotic, tensioned home life, bills to worry about, financial dependency, pressure, stress, and tension with your spouse, partner, colleague, sibling, friend, habits such as unhealthy, emotional eating, food stressors, environmental stressors, social stress such as racism and many more. All of those examples can lead to a mountain of stress in your physical, emotional, and mental body. Check out my blog on “What every person ought to know about living a stress-free life.”

But as a highly sensitive person, your nervous system tends to get overstimulated easily in today’s modern society and the hectic, chaotic world because it takes in a lot of information in depth of processing. The HSP brain functions like a supercomputer – it takes in a lot and needs to process a lot.

2 Most common Challenges for Highly Sensitive People

If you discover this trait new, the two most challenging aspects for highly sensitive women and men are:

1. To come to a place of acceptance.

2. Find ways to prevent overstimulation and emotional overwhelm. 

What happens if you feel overstimulated is that you shut down your super senses and might become emotionally frozen. Consequently, it is harder to stay connected to the positive side of this trait, as well as the strengths of emotional sensitivity, empathy, compassion, and the power of vulnerability. You may check out this blog: “Three Good Ways NOT to get Overwhelmed as a Highly Sensitive Woman in recent World Turmoil“.

Therefore, it’s more important than ever to get to the place of pure acceptance and find the balance between healthy stimulation and unhealthy overstimulation. It’s crucial to set the anchor in your centered, sensitive Self. I’d love for you to find ways to live BIG in this world instead of small caused by a lack of acceptance and coping strategies for overstimulation, stress, and overwhelm. The world needs your sensitive leadership capacity!

The quality of sensitivity is very much needed in today’s world. I hope you can commit to bringing your gift to the flow of life.

Do you want to know whether you or your children are highly sensitive? As a highly sensitive woman, would you like to learn how to manage overstimulation and feeling overwhelmed? Contact me and we can schedule a 30min free consultation!

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Have a joy-filled day wherever you’re in the world!   

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