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3 Good Ways NOT to get Overwhelmed as a Highly Sensitive Woman in recent World Turmoil

Have you noticed that the first two weeks have been globally pretty intense? As a Highly Sensitive Woman, I feel sad and overwhelmed when I look around the world and see severe global turbulences everywhere. Here’s a quick summary of 2020 global kick-off: 

Australia’s bushfires, a US drone strike on Iraq, Britain’s Racism issue, Britain’s Brexit issue, a Ukraine International Airlines flight crashed, and 176 people and crew were killed, earthquake in Puerto Rico……and the list goes on and on.  

How do you feel when you hear all about the issues around the globe?

If we continue as human beings with ignorance, we will continue to create harm step by step all over the world and destroy this beautiful planet Mother Earth. Mother Earth needs protection, appreciation, and respect! 

Mother Earth needs our Sensitivity!

The way Aboriginal people deeply know and care for the land is something we can learn from, ponder, and embrace.

Here’s a special note to Highly sensitive people from a highly sensitive woman

I understand intimately and on a deep level what it is like to live with High Sensitivity and strong emotions. Over the years, through my own experiences and by working with HSP clients, I have learned and am still learning how to stay in touch with my feelings without letting the feelings control me. 

I claimed the gift and vulnerability of my highly sensitive Self. And I’ve committed to sharing my wisdom and learnings with other sensitive women and men to thrive in this world and to improve health.

Therefore, I want to share with you in today’s blog three good ways not to get overwhelmed when world issues get intense. One of the more challenging aspects of this trait is that we can often get overwhelmed or overstimulated by different stressors. One trigger can be world issues that we feel strongly and deep in our whole body. 

What is High Sensitivity?

Before we go there, here’s a quick definition for those of you who are new to learning about the trait. According to psychologist Elaine Aron, a pioneer in researching, Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) is a unique, innate trait that at least 20 percent of the population had.

In the scientific world, it is described as sensory processing sensitivity. Important: It is NOT a disorder! This trait evolved as a survival strategy of the population. 

As stated by Dr. Aron the HSP trait is concluded in the acronym DOES, which stands for:

*Depth of processing


*Emotionally responsive, and Empathy

*Sensing subtleties

Your nervous system tends to get overwhelmed easily in today’s modern society and hectic, chaotic world. The reason for this is that it can be too stimulating from time to time for a sensitive system on so many levels! Check out my blog: What is a Highly Sensitive Person, and what is the relation with stress?

If you feel overwhelmed or emotionally frozen, it is hard to stay connected to your gifts, talents and see the beauty everywhere. 

Here are 3 good ways to start with not to get overwhelmed

1. Full Permission

Firstly, you must permit yourself to take good care of yourself. You might ask yourself: What does my sensitive system need?

2. Commitment

Secondly, commit to yourself to learn to take good care of yourself every day. You might ask yourself and journal: What are the areas that cause stress, overstimulation, and overwhelm?

3. Call to action

Thirdly, step into action, and take responsibility for yourself. You might ask yourself: What do I need to get back into balance, harmony, and inner peace to not get overwhelmed?

I wish for you to stay more in touch with your authentic feelings and learn to manage to overwhelm and avoid overstimulation. My longing for you is that you find the way back into balance, harmony, and inner peace with yourself every day. 

The quality of Sensitivity is very much needed in today’s world. I hope you can commit to bringing your gift to the flow of life. 

Work with a Highly Sensitive Woman

Do you want to know whether you or your children are highly sensitive? As a highly sensitive woman, would you like to learn how to manage overstimulation and feeling overwhelmed? Contact me and we can schedule a 30 min free consultation!

Please feel free to share with anybody who might benefit from it and stay on my email list for notifications and more good stuff. 

Have a joy-filled day wherever you’re in the world!   

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