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Holistic Coaching & Consultation

High level 1:1 Coaching and Consultation Packages

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What is coaching? What is consultation?

Coaching =  an inner process that is guided by a coach, asking powerful questions, strengthening impulses from within, accompanying coachees on their inner process and tips for self-help.

Coaching is process consulting. A coach goes with a coachee into a process, into a personal development and unfolding – a growth process and deepening process.

As a coach I look at where you are/stand personally right now in your life, in which direction you want to go and how you can shape and create this path yourself.

If you work with me as a coach, then you will get the opportunity to work with your inner self – also called inner work and discover blind spots.

Coaching is about you personally. How you see the world and how you see yourself? Self-reflection plays a big role and is of great importance.

In the coaching sessions, different techniques are used. The coach is a conversation partner who listens a lot, asks the right, powerful questions and perceives how the coachee experiences different situations.

Consulting = facts are in the foreground. Professional consulting, which is very result-oriented and appropriate.

Consulting is about specific expertise that is results-oriented and applied. The facts are in the foreground and not the client’s perception. In a consultation, the coachee listens and accepts the technical advice.

In my sessions, both areas are often present and it is clearly communicated where we are whether in coaching or consulting. You are accompanied by me in your processes and the consulting also flows into it by providing my expertise.