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Holistic health as a healthy basis

Our body system can be well imagined as a tower of stacked stones.

If our holistic health is considered in this way, the stone on top is our body and the physical health. The stone on top of a tower is almost the most critical position. If other stones are relocated or positioned wobbly, it is the first stone, which falls down. If you take the stone on top as our physical health, that means that every relocation or wobbly positions of other stones have an impact on our health system.

The lowest stone is our basis, on which all other stones are resting. It is our internal guidance beam, our authentic self, the path of our heart, our wisdom of our physical and subtle body, the leadership of our body-mind and soul system. Our holistic health system knows and has the wisdom of what is suitable and important for us and leads us back to health and healing. We only need to listen again to ourselves or start to listen the first time in our life. This demands courage and curiosity to look inside into ones inner world instead of dreaming outside in the outer world too much as a distraction. Very often we tend to be more outside in the world around us to avoid to take responsibility for oneself to make change happen to come from inside-out.

The stones between the lowest stone (Guiding beam/ Internal wisdom) and the stone on top (Physical health) are symbolizing the themes which have an influence on our body-mind-soul system in a holistic sense. The themes are status, power, privilege, money, external environment, creativity, sexuality, spirituality, occupation, and relationships. Is one stone wobbly our whole system gets very likely imbalanced and dysfunctional. This has an impact on our body-mind-soul system. Body symptoms are one sign that our system isn’t in balance. Body symptoms might be seen as an invitation to listen to oneself, explore the message behind it and to do inner work for the sake of transformation from inside-out and change.

A part of my coaching is about discovering and exploring with my clients the wobbly stones. I’m passionate about restoring their systems, supporting to cross edges, finding and (re)connecting to the lowest stone (our basis), replacing the stone on top (our physical and subtle body) and opening the space for healing, transformation and change from inside-out in order to live a more fulfilled, peaceful and healthy life.


The wobbly stones

The wobbly stones