“The Body Is A Whole Unit”

– Andrew Taylor Still

Did you know? 90% of you what you are eating, your relationships, your supplements, your exercise, your genomic, the microbiome, your health history, your family history, and your environmental exposures are often not captured in the electronic records that doctors are looking at. In my functional holistic health coaching, I consider all of these aspects of you. Your physical body, your mental and emotional body, your energetic and spiritual body, everything is important.

My holistic approach includes

• Process-Oriented and Yoga Psychology

• Osteopathic Medicine

• Naturopathy

• Nutrition

• Coaching

• Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness.

In my Holistic Health Coaching, I combine and bridge western medicine with eastern medicine. Today I’m focused on holistic health coaching, and transformational life coaching. All of my medical, psychological and spiritual wisdom influences my coaching, mentoring and consulting. The work with my clients, groups, and systems benefits from it as well.

How does Holistic Health Coaching work to transform your life?

Within your holistic health coaching process and your personal journey of growth and greatness, you will awaken and expand your conscious leadership and develop a deeper understanding and acceptance of your whole body in the context of your unique life. I will take a thoroughly intake at the beginning of our work together and listen to the needs of your physical, mental and emotional body to support the flourishment of your wisdom and spiritual body. I will see your lifestyle, personal growth, and nutrition in the context of your life and support you in your process of healing, change, personal growth, greatness, and transformation. I will guide you on your hero’s journey.

“Our body is our vehicle for awakening, treat it with great care.” 

Therefore taking care of all our bodies is the way to healing and transformation. Paying attention to the emotional, mental and physical body opens our spiritual and wisdom bodies so that thriving and growth in life become possible. It is significant that our physical body is adequately nourished and exercised to develop a strong spirit to manifest our hearts desires. Our mental body has to be clear and at peace with itself. Our emotional body has to be recognized and acknowledged in authentic emotions, cleaned out frequently from false emotions and elevated with emotions like joy, gratitude, and authentic self-love.

When all of these bodies are in alignment with our true self, our passion, soul, and spirit can shine and transform and stress and pain will dissolve. When we are empowered in all our bodies, we are empowered in our lives and can thus focus on our true purpose, passions, and success and stress and pain will not drive the bus anymore.

My coaching approach is holistic and a fusion of goal-focused, and developmental coaching, of being AND doing.

Goal-focused with its emphasis on achieving next steps coming from a different place of being and developmental which uses exploration, reflection, and some analysis to encourage shifts in your life and decisions, choices, thoughts, believes, emotions, perspectives and most important in your BEING. It is about to explore what it feels like to BE instead of DOING and to explore who we are, what we want and how we want to BE in our present life.

 You will experience mindfulness, inner work, shadow work, healing your inner child, working with body symptoms, stress, and pain, conscious leadership, heart-centered values, dreams, and visions. 

I witness your struggles with compassion, and I offer a presence that is grounding, warm, honest, authentic, inspiring and also challenging, joyful, empowering and encouraging. I’m opening and holding the space safely for your exploration, healing, transformation, and change from inside out and outside in.

In the sessions, I support you to identify and uncover the obstacles that keep you stuck and from living your highest potential. One-on-one coaching, mentoring, guiding and consulting help you in the fields of your health, career, relationships, self-development and growth, life transitions, or redefining your life’s purpose.

Life without stress and pain