“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”

– Hippocrates

Did you know? 90% of you what you are eating, your relationships, your supplements, your exercise, your genomic, the microbiome, your health history, your family history, and your environmental exposures are often not captured in the electronic records that doctors are looking at. Feelings of chronic stress, overstimulation and body symptoms are signals that your whole body system is out of balance. Do you want to get rid of those inhibitors? Most importantly you need to look at your whole body in the context of your whole life. 

Part of my work with my clients is to take a thoroughly intake at the beginning. In other words, I will listen on a deeper level to their bodies. I consider every single aspect of my client. This includes the physical, mental and emotional body as well as the energetic, spiritual and soul body. What my clients are eating, their entire personal history from when they were born until now, today’s data such as microbiome, everything together composes a whole picture of my client. 

How does functional nutrition work?

Symptoms, in general, show you that your body is not functioning the way it is supposed to be. The functional nutrition approach gets to the heart of what’s going on with you and what’s happening to you. The signs and symptoms are not as important as you might think. Often they show up in different parts of your body than where the origins hide. Together, we will get to the root issues and guide you to greater health. Therefore we will create an individual lifestyle map. It works based on your whole picture by addressing dietary, symptoms, genetic, lifestyle, toxic exposure, environmental, personal and lifestyle imbalances to bring the body back to balance and health.

How can it help?

Among other things, the approach of functional nutrition can help you dealing with




dsleep issues


ghormonal dysbalances

hautoimmune disease

nmild depression

oweight loss


qcognitive issues


vblood sugar imbalances

In conclusion, the individual lifestyle map serves your body to bring you back to balance. It also shows which is your unique nutrition your body needs to heal and regain health or prevent illness.


What you'll find here:

X Intuitive eating

X Healthy mindset shifts that support you to manifest what you learn

X How to create a nurturing lifestyle that you're going to love

X Delicious healthy inspirations and recipes you'll want to make again and again

X Ayurvedic lifestyle and eating habits


What you won't find here:

X One specific diet and or label eating habits

X Shame around what you do or don't eat

X Advice that overwhelms or take the fun out of your life

X Recommendations that feel impossible to follow


Do you need more information about functional nutrition?

If you are willing to unravel the mess, we create a plan to move forward into vibrant health and the life you want! Are you willing to take the responsibility and do the transformational work? Would you like to get more information on the subject?

Each client is a unique cohort and needs to be treated differently. I'd love to guide and coach you on your journey to vibrant health! Contact me or schedule an appointment for a 30-minute free consultation!

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