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What lies behind many inflammations and how you can avoid them

When I hear inflammation, I think of the approach and use called “the three roots and many branches” that I learned from Andrea Nakayama.


What are the three roots? The three roots are:


1.The Genes

2.The Digestion

3.The Inflammation


The branches are many: For example the signs and symptoms from brain fog to migraine, insomnia, ingestion, and dizziness. The list can go on and on and on.


If there is one, two, or all three roots uprooted, it leads to disease states in the body. In today’s blog, I will address one of these roots. It is the 3rd root: inflammation.


What is inflammation?


When it comes to autoimmunity, inflammation is crucial and is usually turned on and not turned off. Inflammation is a good thing. It helps us when we get a splitter or infection of any sort. We want the inflammatory chemicals and molecules and cells to get going to do their job. Afterward, we want it to stop and calm down. This process is what happens when we talk about acute inflammation.


Chronic inflammation


When we talk about chronic inflammation, the inflammatory process is on non-stop and not turned off or slowed down. Examples are seen in Autoimmune Disease, Crohn’s Disease, Arthritis, Diabetes, Alzheimer, Chronic Pain, and Cancer. Our system is all the time in a state of being alert, confused, and anxious. The level of stress we choose to be exposed daily is one tremendous reason for chronic inflammation in our body. Over time, the inflammation occurs in these “itis” illnesses that I mentioned above if the stress level did not get reduced. In my last blog you can find out more about the different levels of stress and stressors: What every person ought to know about living a stress-free life.

Inflammation is the response of your body’s immune system to support you to heal from infection or injury. A healthy immune system shows that inflammation is in balance and a body in balance heals. On the contrary, a body out of balance hurts! 

What are the causes of inflammation?


*An immune system out of balance

*The diet is pro-inflammatory

*Relationship to stress

*The ingestion of anti-inflammatory pills

*Too much sitting and not moving or exercising enough

*Negative and toxic thoughts

*Stuck in false emotions


What do we need to do?


Here are four factors that influence inflammation:







Factor Clear

Each person may clear on many different levels, such as food, digestion, diet, and lifestyle changes. Everyone may clear everything that has an inflammatory impact that is inflammatory into the body, on the body, and surrounds the body. One needs to ask the question of what do I need to clear that could be inflammatory in life? The answer to that is individual and personalized as all people are unique cohorts and have unique interactions with the environmental, biological, and historical factors. And all of these interactions matter. When we look at the body, it’s a web of interconnection. Each person’s biology is as unique as their fingerprint. It tells us that environmental factors influence our genes. Also, our daily habits such as food, stress level, movement, and the mastery of our mindset(our thoughts) and emotional healing affect our body and genes.

There are many opportunities for clearing out. Some people may clear toxic chemicals in the household; others may clear the pantry from processed food, or toxic relationships, toxic skincare, toxic thoughts, false emotions.


Environment and stress


External influences such as environmental and air pollution, chemicals in household products or in cosmetics can promote inflammatory processes. But our social environment can also be a trigger – namely through stress. Stress is, actually, a matter of nerves, but it affects your whole organism. If you are stressed, your body releases the hormone cortisol. This is normally said to inhibit inflammation. However, if the level is permanently increased, your body cells become insensitive and no longer interfere should new inflammations occur. That’s why you have to free your life from stress! 

The first step is all sorts of clearing to get all sorts of toxins out of the system.


Factor Calm


The factor “calm” the immune system is done in part of clearing and makes sure that we can relax. It is the aim to come into the cradle of self-care. Here are a few options to get there: practicing meditation, yoga, taking an Epsom Salt Bath with medicinal grade essential oils, using Medicinal grade essential oils, recognizing and acknowledging emotions, mastering the mindset, Anti-inflammatory foods…


Factor Enhance


Enhance the immune system by eating anti-inflammatory food and certain spices that are known for reducing inflammation. Beyond a healthy diet find other natural solutions that can reduce inflammation such as medicinal grade essential oils and a way to heal the emotions and master the ego.




It is particularly important to ensure a balanced, functional nutrition. Foods that are heavily processed, especially in Western countries, are often the cause of inflammation. Many preservatives, the addition of sugar and saturated fatty acids are only a few reasons for this. Undiscovered intolerances are caused by pesticides and other toxins. Alcohol and the consumption of various drugs also promote the development of the disease.


Factor Modulate

It is all about the question „how to get the immune system turned on and turned off so that our body is in balance.


Avoid stress and change your lifestyle


Self-care, self-awareness, the willingness of taking responsibility, and openness to learn and grow are the keys on that journey. The non-negotiables are the beginning, and those are unique to each individual. It is essential to find out what these non-negotiables are for the sake of a balanced inflammatory health. The non-negotiables what is true for the individual whether it is cleaning up the diet, finding healthy relationships, work, joy and pleasure in life, finding sleep improvement, movement, relaxation, or stress reduction. It is crucial to figure out what needs to be cleaned out, cleared out, supported to come into the healing potential and overall health.


Change your way of dealing with stress, look for breaks for yourself in your everyday life. If you learn how to deal with stress differently or even how to eliminate it completely from your life, your holistic health will improve. If you need help with this, feel free to contact me! In addition to naturopathy, yoga & meditation and functional nutrition counseling, I also offer various coaching programs. I can help you to free your life from stress!


Be well,


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