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Leading in times of transition

March Series: What Highly Sensitive People (HSP) Ought to know about Leading from Inside out

Part 2: Leading in times of transition

How to lead from inside out in times of transition and change

Our lives are an endless flow of change. We change every minute on a cellular level. Our thoughts are changing; our emotions are changing; our environments are changing; our relationships are changing – change is ongoing. It’s very common that human beings resist change rather than welcoming them with an open heart and beginner’s mind. In this article, I’ll help you to get closer to leading in times of transition.

Many Highly Sensitive People (HSP) can get overstimulated in times of change and transition. You may wonder what kind of transition and changes am I talking about. I’m talking about all kinds of transitions such as losing a job, starting a new job/position, breaking up a relationship, starting a new relationship, moving to another city, country, becoming a first-time mother/father, firing an employee, hiring a new employee, building a team, building a new business and the list can go on and on.

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Sensory Overload

Sensory overload is the most common challenge for HSPs and can get in the way to lead from inside out and a place of groundedness. As an HSP, the brain functions differently. There’s more activation in the following areas: the insula, the seat of consciousness and awareness, and the amygdala, the seat of emotions, and fight-flight-freeze alarm response. In times of transitions and change, these areas in the brain can be highly activated and quickly lead into overstimulation if you don’t know how to be and master it.

The amygdala is also the seat of the feelings of fear and anger. Change triggers this area, and we often fear change. We fear it because it always includes both a feeling of loss and excitement of new creation. Something new gets created, and at the same time, something old dies. But the focus is often on the side of fear as if we won’t survive this situation. That triggers our fight-flight-freeze response in the brain, and we can get stuck, stressed out, and overstimulated. Unfortunately, we often don’t see in these moments that we also gain something-the beauty of something new.

Changes as a Sensory Overload

According to Janet Feldman “change is the timeless interplay of the forces of creation and destruction.”

Consequently, change and transition can turn into a burden and stressful time that hasn’t a healthy impact neither on our bodies nor our minds! And it isn’t necessary to create stressful experiences, is it? Therefore, I’d like for you that change and transition turn into more ease, fun, and ultimately into joy and excitement with a portion of curiosity, hope, and openness.

I’d love for you a state where you’re excited to undercover the learning and growth that is contained in changes. Thus, you can achieve leading in times of transition. It is possible!

As the river of change is ongoing, we can choose to put all the effort into resisting. Or, on the other hand, we can choose to go with the flow and learn how to be with change. All this without getting overstimulated or stressed out. What’s your choice? Resisting or going with the flow?

Start leading in times of transition

If you choose to open up for change, then you’d need to learn to become comfortable with the unknown, uncertainty, and sudden changes. At the same time, you’d need to feel the trust, security, and confidence in you to master these times mentally and emotionally. Balance and strategies will lead you through these times. You also need to be aware that in times of change and transition, it is crucial to coming back to your center and grounded place. Equally significant is it to get clarity in your heart and build a strong mind. All the above, I recommend getting to know your positivity well and your strength of vulnerability and intuition. Besides finding strategies to letting go of old patterns for the sake of positive change.

What is needed in times of change and transition?

It’s needed to learn to live in the present moment. Most human beings live in the past or future. This is not where change can be manifested. Also, it’s needed to live in the non-ordinary and ordinary world. Moreover, it’s needed to ground and center yourself every day in the present moment and lead from there and co-create with your truth. Being grounded in yourself is essential to get yourself to leading in times of transition. Like a tree that is keeping strong roots down and deep in the earth, and the branches are growing flexible and with expansion towards the sky.

All significant change begins with inner work, self-awareness, and self-change! If there’s no transformation inside each of us-no change in the outside world will happen.

Here are 9 Keys to lead from inside out in times of change and transition

Keys for leading in times of transition

If you want to learn how to apply the 9 keys and shift and master yourself in times of change or expand and deepen your change capacity, contact me. You’ll explore for sure tools and skills on how to ground yourself, cultivate, and maintain your center, present- moment awareness as an HSP.

Have a joy-filled day wherever you’re in the world!

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