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Leading with Awareness

March Series: What Highly Sensitive People (HSP) ought to know about Leading from Inside Out

Part 1: Little Known Ways to Leading with Awareness as a Highly Sensitive Person

In this article, we’ll focus on your capability of Leading with Awareness. Recently I educated and facilitated a small group of Highly Sensitive People who were interested to learn more about this neutral, real, and scientifically proven trait. Take my newly developed Self-test to find out whether you’re highly sensitive or not

In the end, when we were completing the class and process, one of the participants was sharing a very powerful takeaway. He said: “I wasn’t aware of that highly sensitive men can become good leaders with this trait.” His state of awareness has changed after he learned more about this trait. I’m sure he will bring his new awareness about his highly sensitive Self from inside out into his daily life.

My hope and wish for highly sensitive women and men are to get more awareness and empowerment and then to bring it out into daily situations. Highly sensitive people often tend to hide and put the wall up to protect their sensitive Self. That isn’t helpful at all because it creates separation from your precious and so needed gift in this world, in companies, organizations, teams, families, relationships, entrepreneurship…I want to show you ways how you can master your gift of sensitivity without fear, doubt, or judgment. We’re all leaders, and your unique gift of being a highly sensitive woman or man is a powerful leadership skill!

Stay with me and read more about what it means to lead from inside out and about leading with awareness as an HSP.

Leadership from Inside Out

Leadership from inside out means to commit to your pathway of growth, expansion, and depth, shifting your identity and transform your Self. It has nothing to do to bypass negativity and find the short cut to exclusively positivity. That doesn’t work and is an illusion. We won’t create an illusion. Our aim is to co-create with our most profound and highest truth. Leadership from inside out and leading with awareness means to create and speak the truth in every situation in your life! 

It’s about to correct what’s untrue in your life without judgment and let the truth set you free! And it’s a lifelong commitment to learning in our curriculum called life. Does that resonate with you? What’s your highest truth?

Don’t seduce yourself with illusion. An illusion might be that you think as a highly sensitive person that you’re too sensitive, too weak, too emotional, too this and that or not good enough to be a leader, a manager, a mom, a wife, a husband, and the list can go on and on…. I’m asking you here right now. Is this true? Is this your highest truth?

Again leadership from inside out is not about avoiding negativity or pretending everything is great when it is not. It’s a fun process every day to co-create with truth and correct what isn’t true. Ultimately, it will lead you to a more joy-filled, empowered, and abundant life. But it also requires cleaning out the muddy water frequently. How? Contact me, and we will explore tools and ways how to get there.

An example

Imagine you would go scuba diving deep down in the water, and there is a wreck. You would explore the wreck in all corners and maybe find some treasures. Diving in the darkness is probably not always comfortable, but it can be exciting and rewarding because you may pop up with great treasures. This diving deep with ease and popping up with lightness and delight is part of inner work.

Your Way to Leading with Awareness

I recommend practicing inner work regularly so that it becomes part of your life and leadership. Joseph Campbell says in The Power of Myth, “Although they stand at the neutral point between darkness and light, they leaned into the light.” Leading from inside out and with awareness will reveal you to face your biggest and most inappropriate challenges and lean into the joy and delight.

It is a practice and ongoing growth and expansion process that needs to be engaged with discipline. With time and integration, it will lead you towards a fulfilled destination making a long-lasting difference from within.

As we lead ourselves and also others through challenging times: Do we draw from our deepest essence, unique gifts and talents, core values, or do we lose ourselves during the chaos and the pressure, the stress of the situation because we feel overwhelmed by an overload of stimuli?

Overstimulation is one of the biggest challenges that highly sensitive people need to learn to master; otherwise, it can get in the way to lead from inside out. Here you can find the most common challenges for Highly Sensitive People.

According to Don Richard Riso: “If we do not observe ourselves, we cannot ever hope to be our own master.”

19 Keys to Mastering your Highly Sensitive Self:

Leading with Awareness as a HSP

Now that you got some insights about leadership from inside out and leading with awareness, I want you to lean back and notice your breath. Take a few minutes and ponder on some areas in your life that causes sensory overstimulation and overload in you. Afterward, identify some areas to build more awareness. As you do this, keep asking yourself: What will really make a difference to enhance my awareness?

You can learn more about the keys and how to lead from inside out and with more awareness in my coaching program. For more information, contact me.

Have a joy-filled day wherever you’re in the world!

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