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Listen, Listen, Listen…

Listen, Listen, Listen…
Listen To Your Body & Feelings, Listen To The Message Of Pain, Sitting with our feelings And Being In The Power Of Unity.

How many times have you ignored your pain, whether emotionally or physically? How many times have you repressed both emotional and physical pain by taking painkillers? How many times have you avoided to feel your feelings & emotions by running away or escaping?How many times have you calmed the symptoms instead of seeking the roots?
When we feel pain, we tend to overrun it and forget that it is the way how our body let us know that it needs attention. Body symptoms can inform us. Feelings can enlighten us. For instance, a sore throat can tell us to rest our voice, or it can give us the hint of expressing what’s cooking by voicing it, headaches can be a sign of stress or that we’re hungry. All too often we ignore our feelings or park them aside and avoid to dealing with them and in the same way we are usually with body pain and symptoms. If we avoid dealing with them, we’ll contain them in our bodies and minds, and this is when pain, anxiety or other health issues can come up.
All those signals are wake up calls to give our body-mind-soul system attention. If we ignore those messages, the condition could become worse, and we create a disconnection between our minds and bodies.
Beside physical pain and symptoms, the emotional pain gives us also valuable messages about our psyche and soul status. It’s a sign for that we’ve been affected by something that needs awareness and focuses on our inner world. Sitting in the waves of feelings, no matter how scary it might be, is the best thing we can do for ourselves and trusting our power of self-healing forces within us. Our feelings and emotions just want to be seen, heard and felt. Sometimes we make it too complicated, and we try to analyze or find solutions, etc etc…the broader purpose of our feelings and emotions is to transform our inner world, opening the space for more feelings, giving the opportunity to grow and following the river of flow.
If we listen to both emotional and physical pain/ symptoms, we’ll know what to do and how to heal ourselves.
It’s normal and human nature that we avoid to listen and to feel pain, symptoms and feelings/ emotions. We live in a culture where it was not used to support the awareness of emotions, feelings, and pain. I hope more people become courageous and open to their vulnerability to take a moment to listen to the valuable message of the pain or symptom either physical or emotional and to sit with feelings before repressing and numbing it.
All we need to do is to give the process permission by leaning in, opening and receiving the messages of feelings, emotions, and pain.
There are some opportunities to ease one’s heart and soul and to make the process more powerful. One option, it’s called ” Healing Writing or Journaling .” Sitting together in a small group-being instructed by an expert/ coach and writing together and sharing the process after. This is a powerful experience of first listen to the messages of your feelings, symptoms/pain, secondly writing about what’s cooking inside and thirdly sharing one’s experiences in a small group, in a circle of trust and choice to be witnessed and acknowledged on this journey of discovery.
This is the power of unity and acknowledgment in that present moment of sharing and seeing each other. The elder Orland Bishop explains “at its deepest level this “seeing ” is essential to human freedom.”
Overall listen to the message is all about healing.
Be brave and listen to the messages of your feelings, symptoms, and pain to free you up!

Annabelle Breuer-Udo