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Coaching against lower back pain

Did you know coaching can also help with body symptoms such as lower back pain?

Many people suffer from lower back pain caused by feeling stressed out from different kinds of stressors. There is clearly no doubt that stress has an impact on your physical, mental, and emotional body. In other words, stress impacts the whole human being. “Stress” has been dubbed the “Health Epidemic of the 21st Century” by the World Health Organization. 

What is stress?

From the psychology’s point of view, stress is defined as a state of emotional and mental tension, structural, and biochemical strain caused by specific events named stressors that we perceive as threatening or challenging. Each individual perceives stress on a different level.

We need a certain level of stress as a motivator and to get our engine going. But prolonged and too much stress has a toll on our health. Body symptoms such as lower back pain are one way of your body to get attention. The human body can cope temporarily with stress, but consistently stress can damage the body and the emotional and mental health.

Lower back pain as a symptom of stress

Lower back pain is a body symptom and a way for your body to speak up. It is essential to get to the root of a symptom for the sake of healing and alleviation. Your physical, mental, and emotional body want to be heard. You need to listen to your body. A coach who’s experienced in that field can support you and help to translate your individual body language and get out the hidden message behind the lower back pain. Lower back pain is the most common type of chronic pain. More than twenty-six million Americans between the ages of 20 and 64 are affected. About 42 million American adults have pain or physical distress that interrupts their sleep a few nights a week. Four out of ten people with chronic pain report the impact on their enjoyment of life, including impeding their mood, sleep, or ability to work.

Where does the lower back pain come from?

This time of the year is an excellent time to look back and reflect on 2019. Take a few minutes and lean back and ponder on: How have you been doing this year? How has your health been up until today? How is your relationship with stress? Did you suffer from body symptoms? How is your lower back doing? 

In case you feel stressed, and you suffer from lower back pain, I ask you the question: Have you ever thought about lower back pain and asking a coach for help? 

Transitional times affect your health

Here’s a story I want to share with you about the experience of one of my clients. My client is a loving mom with two children, and a powerful director of her own business. She is modeling the patchwork family model, and she is very involved in her daily duties. Her schedule is tight. Her leading role in different places is sometimes very challenging for her. Currently, my client is in a time of transition and big changes in her life. She felt stuck and for a few weeks, she’s been suffering from lower back pain. In the coaching session, we were focusing on her lower back pain. Part of it was to exploring and unfolding what is hidden in the lower back pain and needed to be voiced, expressed, and come out. It was important that my client gave voice, processed, and revealed all her feelings and thoughts.

After the coaching session, I got a lovely text message. “My lower back pain is already much better than it was before. Thank you.” “I’m glad you are feeling better,” I answered. There is a say that I always refer to when it comes to our body and its symptoms. It is said, “the issue lies in the tissue.” The transitional time, the field of the unknown, times of change can be very challenging. Some people’s body reacts in these times strongly. So did my client’s body. She was unfolding the process beautifully and has become free from feeling stuck and back into the natural flow of life. 

How coaching can help

In the book Exploring Psychology, it is said: “Your thoughts and feelings (psycho) influence your brain (neuro), which influences the endocrine hormones” (Myers & Dewall, 2016). This ripple effect has an impact on our physical and mental bodies. It can show up in many ways. Lower back pain is one of those. But it can also show the opposite side as in feelings of relaxation, mentally robust, joyful, and healthy. It simply shows that our body and mind are connected and in the coaching session my client was getting into this connection that helped her to improve the back pain.

My client is one of the thousand others out there who are playing leading roles in many ways and suffering from lower back pain. If you suffer from lower back pain or any other symptom, think about coaching, and feel free to contact me. I offer various coaching programs, and I can help you to find more balance, joy, and health in your life.

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