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All You Need To Know About Investing in Your Mental & Emotional Well-Being

The New Year is here! And I think we’re all motivated to nourish and take care of our physical, mental, and emotional body. Just as important as nurturing and cleansing your body is keeping your mind clean and paying attention to your emotional hygiene. 

Here is a Method That is Helping Your Mental and Emotional Body To Detox

Meditation, deep breathing and stillness are a powerful way to move your mind and clean the emotional muddy water to keep you healthy and vital. Emotional and mental hygiene is as important as washing our hands or brushing our teeth.

Imagine a lotus flower rooted in muddy water. It opens its petals when the muddy water is cleaned out. Then the lotus flower begins to radiate. You can transfer this process to us human beings. It is necessary to clean out our mental and emotional body regularly to open our petals and bloom and radiate and be well. 

Many people forget to take care of their emotional hygiene and mindset (check out my blog article “The secret of our emotional body and how emotional detox impact your health”). Others have no idea how to do it. If you’re one of those groups of people, I get you. I still experience days where I feel I’m not taking care enough of myself. Then I fall back into old patterns that lead me to skip a meditation meeting with myself although I know it’s good for me. That’s human, isn’t it? We aren’t perfect. Most importantly is that you recognize the disruption of your routine first and then come back to your mental and emotional hygiene practice gently and compassionately with yourself. 

And not to forget, don’t judge yourself for being inconsistent. It is so much more fun and joy to not having to be judgmental and perfect with myself. I feel freer and at ease with myself when I have control over my judgmental voice instead of having this voice control me. And Meditation helps me to get to this state of BEING. How about you? What’s your experience with your judgmental, self-sabotaging voice?

Stillness and Meditation

Stillness is the point where everything in you is quiet, and you rest in existence, in your authentic essence and self. And you radiate and operate from there.

For me, stillness is like taking little vacations on an island called stillpoint located in my inner landscape. I love going there. We all can reach this island called stillpoint. My longing for you is to create this experience for you in your life.

Okay, back to some facts of Meditation. Modern imaging techniques have enabled neurologists to delve inside the brain and discover that healthful things go on in the mind and body during Meditation. That’s amazing, isn’t it?

So how exactly does Meditation affect our brains? Thanks to PET scans and functional MRIs, we know that during Meditation, the left brain literally lights up. Simply put, meditation shifts the focus of thought from the right brain, where the stress centers are, to the left brain, which contains the peaceful centers. Meditation seems to protect the brain from disturbing environmental stimuli and thoughts. 

According to studies, here are some healthy, proven facts you need to know about the impact of regular meditation practice. 

10 Proven physical effects:

1. Lowers blood pressure

2. Boosts the immune system

3. Decreases chronic pain, muscle tension, and headaches

4. Reduces stress and fatigue

5. Improves digestion

6. Slows the progression of cancer

7. Improves sleep

8. Relieves anxiety and depression

9. Accelerates weight loss

10. Increases hormone balance

10 Proven emotional/ mental effects:

1. Reduced performance anxiety and stress reactivity

2. Decreased depression, fear, and nervousness

3. Improved mental and emotional engagement

4. Increased self-compassion

5.Increased self-acceptance and self-awareness

6. Decreased need for addictive substances 

7. Increased creativity, mental clarity, memory, and concentration

8. Increased inner calmness, peace, and well-being

9. More job satisfaction

10. Improved productivity and decision-making skills

While Meditation is an ancient healing tool, it seems especially relevant in modern times. It can help us unplug from your fast-paced world, smartphones, and social media world and tune into the wiring of your mind and being. It settles the nervous system and trains the brain to be more focused, engaged and less reactive. To get the most out of Meditation, remind yourself you are NOT wasting time or doing nothing.

There are many different types and uses for Meditation out there. Some are practiced formally, and others are practiced in activity.

Quick Tips and call for action to detox your mental and emotional body

Take a moment to focus on how you breathe — Do you breathe deeply and slowly, or are your breaths quick and shallow? Take a moment each day to focus on your breathing, and practice taking deeper, slower breaths so you can be sure you’re aerating the tissue in your lungs.

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Sending you lots of joy & love!

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