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Why is Omega 3 so crucial for your health?

The topic of Omega 3’s impact on health is something that you need to know!

Omega 3 is one of the essential substances that the body needs. Most people are deficient in Omega 3, and that can cause many health issues.

Some studies show that healthy Omega 3 nutrition has a tremendous effect on the lifespan, heart attack rate, and depression.

What is Omega 3?

Omega 3 is an essential fatty acid found in both plants and animals. In plants, such as leafy greens and flaxseed oil, the omega 3s are called alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). In seafood, there are two omega 3s – eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). 

What is the benefit of Omega 3?

Omega 3 is beneficial to your heart, brain, vision, and the immune system of children and adults. It increases heart and brain function.

It is also a healthy fat that aid in weight loss. Omega 3s have an anti-inflammatory effect. Learn more about inflammations here: “What lies behind many inflammations and how you can avoid them“. Because of that, diseases such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, heart attacks, neurodermatitis, rheumatism, inflammatory joint and intestinal diseases can be influenced positively by paying attention to the daily nutritional or supplemental intake of Omega 3. Omega 3 also influences the neurotransmitter that helps to concentrate, focus, and keep calm and happy. Therefore there is a positive relation between Omega 3 and depression.

Did you know that many children have an Omega 3 deficiency? Especially children need a healthy functioning brain for learning, concentrating, and focusing in school. Also, some studies show that ADHS is related to that deficiency. 

As you can see from all these examples above, it shows that Omega 3 is highly recommended to be included in your daily nutritional plan.

Your brain and body use EPA and DHA and have to convert ALA from plants to EPA or DHA. Studies show that only around 3%-5% of Omega 3s found in plant oils are converted into the DHA that your brain needs. Your body doesn’t need to do any conversion when you eat the EPA and DHA Omega 3s from seafood, so it’s absorbed and used more quickly. Therefore, I recommend vegetarians to make an exception every so often and eat either a piece of healthy fish or take an Omega 3 supplement. The plant-based Omega 3 is not enough.

Omega 3 acts as an all-purpose medicine:

  • Builds better brains
  • Supports hearts to be healthy
  • Helps the gut and endocrine( hormone) system
  • Improves immunity
  • Alleviates asthma
  • Reduces cancer
  • Softens skin
  • Enriches Eyesight
  • Helps with weight control

3 Things to Consider When Choosing Omega 3

1. Seafood is one of the healthiest foods you can eat. It’s an excellent source of healthy Omega 3 fatty acids, but not all seafood is equally healthy for you. With so many questionable sources of seafood, including the new GMO salmon, it’s crucial that you do some research and choose your seafood wisely. I know some people have an allergy or are vegetarian. In that case, I recommend taking supplements in addition to whole food nutrition. If you have a question regarding supplements that are high in nutritional quality, please reach out to me

2. Wild vs. Farmed: As a general rule, wild-caught fish are the best sources of safe seafood because of their natural diet of healthy sea plants. Wild-caught fish also have plenty of exercise because they have to swim long distances in cold water. The cold water also helps fish develop more healthy fats rich in Omega 3s. 

3. Mercury Content: When aquatic life takes up the mercury that settles in wetlands and streams it becomes methyl mercury, which is a toxic compound. Excessive mercury in the human body can lead to fatigue, hair loss, muscle pain, headache, and other neurological ailments. Make sure you choose fish that are likely to contain lower amounts of mercury.

Quick and important Tips

1. Download the Safe Seafood Guide for Your Area

2. Supplements can help and support your body system to get the right amount of (vegan) Omega 3 regularly. Again, Omega 3 belongs to the daily essential substance that the body needs without a doubt. I know there are too many supplements on the market that are low in quality. The market can be very confusing. Therefore I am happy to support you by finding the correct supplement. It is crucial that you get the accurate sources as there are 5 characteristics of quality regarding Omega 3 that many people are not aware of. 

3. Eat more Omega 3 and less Omega 6.

4. Eliminate trans-fats from your diet.

5. Make an oil change by choosing oils that are healthy for your body.

If you’d like to learn more about Omega 3’s five characteristics of quality,  how to give yourself the best nutrition, supplements, and an oil change, feel free to contact me! In addition to naturopathyyoga & meditation, and functional nutrition counseling, I also offer various coaching programs. And please feel free to reach out with any questions!

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