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What are the most common challenges for Highly Sensitive Women and Men?

Challenges are part of our life. We need them to grow and expand in our human development. Yet some challenges can be very demanding and trigger overstimulation – one of the common challenges for Highly Sensitive People (HSP). It is impossible to always control situations and challenges, but you can choose how to be with those challenges. You can control your response and avoid overstimulation. Also, you can face them with curiosity or confront them with resistance. You can embrace them with open arms or push them with hard work away every day. It is a matter of choice and a process of learning how to approach challenges whether to being responsive or being reactive.

In today’s blog, I’ll teach you the most common challenges for Highly Sensitive People (HSP)

I’ll give you an example of how to imagine the mechanism of overstimulation in your whole body system. If you know you’re highly sensitive, or you’re new to it, it will help you to understand your trait better. If you’re a Non-HSP, it will open your eyes to understand better highly sensitive people. You may have, for example, a highly sensitive partner/spouse, child, colleague, sibling, parent in your neighborhood. Here you’ll find more information about the trait: Sensitive and Receptive to other’s Emotions? You’re Not Alone!

Want to learn more? Stay with me and continue reading!

The better you understand and accept the trait the more you can thrive and blossom in this world. And this is what I want for you – to thrive and bloom rather than to see your heart and soul shrink and play small. Seeing other highly sensitive women and men flourish and expand lights me up. I know how freeing and joyful it can be.

The 10 most common challenges for highly sensitive people are:

1. Sensory overload and overstimulation

2. Finding the balance between healthy stimulation and unhealthy overstimulation

3. Having a hard time to say no and set healthy boundaries

4. Struggle with perfectionism

5. Tendencies to over-giving

6. Hard time to ask for help and receive help

7. Being hard to oneself

8. Putting themselves on the bottom and others before them in terms of self-care

9. Having lots of compassion for others but less for oneself.

10. Emotional overwhelm and intense feelings


In this blog article, I focus on two out of the 10 challenges mentioned above. These are the two challenges that are often reported by Highly Sensitive People and very common:

1. To deal with overstimulation and sensory overload

2. Emotional overwhelm and intense feelings

What happens in the body of a Highly Sensitive Person?

I want to give you a simple example to understand what happens when your body system gets overloaded with too many stimuli. Before I go there, you need to know that your brain works and digests stimuli differently. According to Psychotherapist and HSP Expert Julie Bjelland, your brain is like a supercomputer that takes in and processes a lot of information, more than others.

Imagine your body system as a bathtub that fills up with water. The bathtub has a limit. You can either stop filling it up with water or draining it to avoid overflowing. If you continue to fill the bathtub with water, it will overflow. This is what happens with you when your body system is filled up with stimuli and reached the maximum level. When the maximum level is reached, and you keep taking in all the stimuli, it starts overflowing, and it shows up in you either as imploding or exploding or in health issues. That’s the moment when you’re out of balance and far away from feeling centered and being grounded.

But I can promise you there’s a way out. 

If you find ways and tools to drain the bathtub regularly and stop filling it up, you’ll keep it on a low level and feel less often overstimulated or overloaded. Additionally, you’ll feel soft and calm, and life feels more joyful and at ease. The things that used to contribute to overflow in your system will not get you out of balance anymore.

What can you do?

All HSP’s are unique, and none is the same. What I want to say with it is that something that overstimulates your system might not be the same that overloads another HSP body, mind, and soul. For me, for instance, bright light or taking in too much of other’s emotions and energies might overload my body and mind. And for other HSPs it could be noises, crowded places and many other examples that can guide to sensory overload and overstimulation.

And here’s a homework for you. Start to ponder and become aware of what are the things that contribute to your overstimulation in your life. Make time every day over a period of two weeks and start journaling on what creates overstimulation and sensory overload. It helps to raise your self-awareness and guides you to more understanding for yourself and empowerment. It supports you in learning how to manage and prevent overstimulation, and not only managing it also helps you heal. I know it works!

And if you feel you need support and inspiration on how to approach your unique challenges and gifts as a highly sensitive woman, reach out and send me an email. I’m happy to support you and guide you because this trait is very dear and close to my heart, and I want you to thrive in this world, too.

To conclude, life is full of challenges, but these challenges are only given to you because you’re enough to get you through them. The better you understand your individual challenges the easier it’s going to be, I promise. And if you never challenge yourself, you will never realize what you can become. I’m grateful for new challenges because it will help me to grow, build my strength, stretch me mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually and expand my overall being. And when you face difficult times, know that challenges are not sent to destroy you. They’re sent to teach a lesson as life is our curriculum.

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