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What You Need To Know About Your Emotional Body

Our body has 5 Layers (sheath of the soul)  as a Map of Being.

It is helpful to understand each layer to dive deeper into a healthy lifestyle.

Being centered in our 5 layers of our body and emotional available create a healthy, joyful and peaceful life. Each layer represents a refined more and more level of consciousness. These 5 layers interact and communicate and influence one and another.

These are the 5 layers names:

1.The physical body

2.The energetic body

3.The mental/emotional body

4. The wisdom body

5.The spiritual body/our essence and authentic Self.

Today you will get to know more about your emotional body. Your emotional body and emotional life need special attention. Anchoring your emotions is a healthy lifestyle. Your emotions are an essential and valuable expression of your true Self, true nature, authentic self, and essence.

You might have experienced in your culture or how you were raised to suppress your feelings. Many of us were taught to suppress them or told get over it, or here have some food, it is not a big deal….When we suppress this energy, the vibration of the emotions which includes the shadow emotions such as rage, shame, guilt, grief, fear and also joy, playfulness, happiness settle into your body system and become the tension we experience such as stress and anxiety or depression. Repressing emotions, not being centered in your 5 layers and not emotional available can operate as a kind of anesthetic and can cause pain, discomfort, imbalance, disconnection, stress, tension and illness in your body. Tension, stress, anxiety are the number one causes for illness and depression.

I invite you to explore and feel your emotions. Either express them with yourself or share your experience with someone wisely. Also, find the turn-off or calm down button so that you can have the feeling but not letting your emotions have you. While you feel your range of emotions be sure you also feel your body, your legs, and arms at the same time. Also feel your feet on the ground. And be aware of your breath. Grounding, centering and self-regulation while processing emotions is significant.

Very often we bypass our emotional body and find nice love language to talk about emotions instead really feeling them in your body and heart. I notice that very often the language of love and light is used to not actually feel. When you bypass your emotions and choose not to feel, you might miss the huge experience of aliveness through choosing not to sit in the emotional experience and integrate them in your body and life.

It is healthy to be in relationship with all your emotions. I have to be in relation to my anger, my fear, my grief, my playfulness, my joy, fun…If I’m not in a relationship with them, if I’m denying my emotions and just use spiritual language to make it pretty I miss something. It’s going hard to relate and being empathetic with someone, it’s going hard to create intimacy if you’re not in a relationship with your own emotions and feelings. In my experience, it ’s just freeing me to navigate consciously and establishing a healthy balance between expressing sadness, anger, hurt and cultivating lightness, playfulness and joy.

In my experience, it ’s just freeing to navigate consciously and establishing a healthy balance between expressing sadness, anger, hurt and cultivating lightness, playfulness and joy.

Especially for those of you who have relationships in the foreground of your attention, it is so relaxing to surrender in the experience that honoring your emotions and desires can support rather than threaten the ability to maintain and form positive, healthy, intimate relationships. I love the words from Jeanine Mancusi Co-Director of Lucid Living ” Feel deeply and love powerfully.”

Have you ever heard about that your feelings are also related to food? Eating well can make you feel good-emotionally as well as physically. Most of the body’s serotonin is produced in the nerves of the intestinal lining. There is some neurochemical truth behind the idea of “gut feelings”. Scientists use the term “gut brain”. When a real, healthy food enters the gut, nerves in the digestive system notice and sense “Ah! Here’s the right stuff!” and send transmitting information to your brain.

As most people shut the feelings off including the gut feeling people don’t know anymore what good feels like. Many have lost the connection to their body wisdom. The wisdom of your body that craves healthy good food. If you start to eat real food your body starts to crave this food and your taste changes. It is not a quick fix or a fat diet. It is a lifestyle change and it takes time! You can ask yourself do you feel good after this food? Does it give you a good gut feeling? Does it give you good energy?

Your tastes and cravings can be reshaped in a healthier direction so that you feel the difference between a good and bad gut feeling.

I hope you make the choice to feel. Also, I hope you want to learn how to direct them and trust your authentic emotions. Expressing and releasing authentic emotions is healthy and vital.

Emotion is the key to change!

Want to learn more about how to get in touch with your emotional body and the benefit of living an emotional, healthy life contact me at ab@annabelle-breuer.com

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