What is a Health Coach?

People wondering what is Health Coaching. I will give you an insight on what Health Coaching includes and in the video below you can get a brief inspiration.

The health statistic in America is staggering. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), 78.6 million people, or one-third of the population are obese, 20.1 million people are diabetic and 600,000 deaths annually are linked to heart disease. As a result, total national health expenditures have reached trillions of dollars.
Chronic diseases are the major causes of death and disabilities worldwide.
According to the WHO, 47% of the population suffer from cardiovascular disease and 27% from cancer. Cardiovascular disease and cancer are the main leading causes of death in Germany.

The field of health and wellness is constantly changing. Every day new scientifically findings and updated recommendations are released. This can be very confusing for the consumer and make it difficult to know what information is “true”. A Certified Health Coach can help you navigate through these mixed messages and support you in making sense out of it to get you on the right track.

A Health Coach is trained to help someone identify health goals and become a proactive participant in your own self-health management, self-care, and responsibility. As a former practitioner of osteopathic medicine, a motivator, deep listener and supportive mentor and guide, I consider all areas of a person’s life in my health coaching including lifestyle, behavior, in addition, nutritional choices.

I’m a great advocate of the approach called L.E.A.N. The letters in L.E.A.N. stand for Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude, and Nutrition. L.E.A.N isn’t about being skinny. It is about being healthy. L.E.A.N. is based on scientifical research and was developed by Dr.Sears in collaboration with other experts in the field of nutrition, health, fitness, and parenting.

Lifestyle refers to how you live. How you make your choices in life, how you divide your time between work, relaxation, and sleep, what you do with your time, how you relax, how you spend your money and how you choose to care for yourself and your family as well the choices you make regarding food.

Exercise refers to how you move and to be physically active, which is important for your physical, as well as mental health. Exercise helps control your appetite so that it makes it easier to choose real, healthy food and food that is good for you. Exercise helps you to cope with stress, so you don’t have to use substances to unwind. And the best of all, exercise helps you in a good mood and maintain a positive attitude towards lifestyle.

Attitude refers to how you think and feel to keeping your mind healthy and emotions clean as well as your mental/emotional body healthy. Especially in times when you, your body, mind, and soul are going through many changes. Body and mind are connected. What happens in your mind affects the health of your body, and the way your body works influences your emotions. It is important to have a healthy perspective about the changes you are going through. Attitude is a big part of making healthy changes in your life.

Nutrition refers to how you eat and to your bodies intake of nutrients to foster optimal health. Real and healthy food is important to have a healthy lifespan. Learn about eating the right kind of food that is nutrient-dense and avoid foods that are high in saturated fat or trans-fat and sugar. Become more conscious to say more often ” yes” to healthy, nutritional everyday food and more often “no” to foods that provide little or no nutritional value.

Who benefits from Health Coaching? To be honest everyone! Whether you’re a beginners mind or you’re already mindful and aware of healthy living. To my mind, there’s always something we can learn new or more and become more. Who else might take advantage? Here are some concrete examples: busy moms, Prime Timers who are in their second part of their life, pregnant women, women who have already delivered, or women who want to become pregnant, families and kids, people who feel stressed and burned out, people who want to act preventive and proactive…….

A health coach gives you a comprehensive support system in your journey to health, your journey of transformation and change and on your hero’s journey.

Coming soon! Join Cecilia Clark and Annabelle Breuer-Udo for the next workshop “Make Health Your Hobby” taking place in the Twin Cities and learn more about Traffic Light Eating. You’ll also learn about how L.E.A.N.(Lifestyle. Exercise.Attitude.Nutrition) affects your health.

Email me at annabelle@evocativehealthpath.com with “Make Health Your Hobby” in the subject line and I’ll send you more information about the upcoming workshop.

Be well!



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