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World news from my healing perspective – 10 steps to healing!

As part of my high sensitivity, my body often reacts to issues in the world and functions partly as a world channel. Meanwhile, I learned to take this as a sign to voice and share my thoughts, feelings, and intuition related to world issues. Currently, I can feel the pain in the world again appearing more on the surface, caused by the horrible news from Charlottesville and Barcelona. I feel like this pain is an ongoing pain in our world what isn’t visible every day. Yet it is to perceive that something is cooking under the surface all the time and it’s only a matter of time before the news gives us new examples of this suppressed pain, hatred and fear. Examples such as Charlottesville and Barcelona are only a few of many when I look back the past two years.

I can feel the pain in the US more intensely ever since I moved here. Now I’m sitting in it, and I cannot watch it anymore from the outside compared to the time when I still lived in Germany. What happened in Charlottesville and Barcelona triggers fear and tension, anger, frustration, aggression, shock, numbness in a lot of people all over the world and in our society. In my opinion, this pain of undigested history needs to be healed to move forward in today’s world. Otherwise, it will go on and on and on.

This pain of history sits in all of our cells and memories in our body and brain system. We’re the following generation after our parents and grandparents generation, and we still carry their memories of the World Wars and Nazi regime in our body system. Their traumas of war were projected unintentionally onto us. Unfortunately, in their time of history, they didn’t have the knowledge and tools to avoid projecting their impact of traumas into the world. Their memories and traumas of World War II and the Nazi regime are still in the field as ghost roles. Today, our generation has the knowledge and capacity to heal and close old wounds. We need to start the process of healing or continue, for those who have already started. We all can name thousands of examples of our parents and grandparents generation and refer to their agony during the world war and the Nazi regime and also other countries in the world that experienced traumatic leadership and oppression, sometimes daily. This still sits with us as individuals and as society-in some more and in some less, but it is there in each and everyone in our current world reality.

My country of origin – Germany, needed to heal from the impact of its history. It starts to let go of guilt, shame, learn to forgive itself as a country and then to learn from it. The healing part has to start within one’s individual system to heal a larger system. Each person needs to start and take responsibility for their inner work and doing their healing on it to find their own inner, wise leader. I can feel that this healing process has started in Germany. When the refugees arrived, the citizens were overwhelmed, nervous at the beginning and the chancellor was criticized a lot for not having a strategy. I feel the situation challenged Germany on the one hand and the other hand it gave Germany the opportunity to balance and heal a part of the horrible history of the past. And, Germany is still on the path of healing. From my point of view, in the world context, each country needs to heal their old wounds and undigested leftover of history to create authentic, powerful relationships between countries and a world of unity.

We can only create a city and country of peace when each starts first in their inner world, sorts it out and cleans their inner homes. Each cleaned inner home and the world can be contagious and influence another neighborhood home to be cleaned so that we multiply our cleaned homes and at the end, we’ve thousands of cleaned homes and a whole country and partly healed the world. How does this sound?

Healing is required!

I think something similar is showing up in the US right now. The unresolved history is sitting in the US people’s body system. Their unresolved history of slavery and the genocide of the indigenous people is still experienced.

I remember my five-week intensive course of Process Work that took place in Portland in 2016 where we had several group processes every week. This pain of history was strong and felt very intensely in the community and in the field.
Trump’s way of leadership that speaks to the people’s fears makes it only worse rather than contribute to healing and moving forward. It triggers a lot of frustration and aggression in people, and I feel it is getting stronger and will get even stronger in the future if the country is not taking charge to step forward and commit to heal their old wounds and find inner peace. I hope the people take the triggers of pain, frustration, and aggression as an opportunity to heal their oldest, still open wounds and move forward!

I notice some people are already resigning. It makes no sense to close one’s eyes or resign. Resignation makes it worse. Feelings of hate, revenge, and guilt aren’t a solution. That kind of feelings won’t move anyone forward. They create separation. One is allowed to feel them, and I also wish we choose to let go of those feelings in order to detach and to avoid more separation in the world. These old feelings of the history need to let go, to be transformed and healed. And it can only be transformed and healed from inside out to make one’s inner peace with it. This inner peace will create outer peace. Peace in our inner world and inner home will create peace in our outside world.

We all need to do our inner work, our healing of the past and the history to interrupt patterns and repetition of cycles! Nobody else can do the work for us; it lies in our hand and responsibility and choice to take the next steps and create another chapter in one’s book of life and the world. It’s about choice, inner leadership, and persistence.

I assume the majority of our society in today’s world don’t want to repeat the horrible scenarios in our country’s timeline of history. We are starting to dream about change in the world. How do we do that?

Here are 10 steps to healing:

1. Inner work/ reflection

2. Healing old wounds, wounded inner child’s

3. Cleansing regular the mindset

4. Educate yourself in consciousness

5. Grieving and letting go of burdensome thoughts, feelings, patterns

6. Breaking old cycles

7. Forgiveness

8. Complete things before you start new ones

9. Open your heart

10. Gratitude

I’m dreaming high and will keep dreaming big. My big dream is beauty, health, and peace for everyone and in the world. And from my point of view, I want to continue to do my inner work and own healing process for the sake of a more peaceful world. The process of inner work will never stop!