Are you owning your reality? BE and BECOME more clear on your version of High Sensory Intelligence through balancing body and mind and bring your unique gift into this world

Stuck or overwhelmed? Trapped in the cycle of overstimulation, stress and feeling all the time?

Integrative medicine, coaching, bodywork, consulting, and spiritual guidance is a true combination of my life’s work and purpose. Therefore, I use my integrative medicine knowledge as well as my intuition, wisdom, and experience as a highly sensitive woman to guide other highly sensitive women and leaders through all transitions and seasons of life. I educate and show highly sensitive women ways how to be with the challenges of high sensitivity, such as overwhelm and overstimulation.

Besides the challenges, I help to discover the treasures of high sensitivity traits as well as growing and expanding in their sensitive leadership capacity. Moreover, I create a safe container, and together we explore the strength of emotional sensitivity, the vitality of compassion, and the power of vulnerability. In addition, we create strategies that support thriving as a highly sensitive woman in relationships, at work, systems, and the world in order to live the best health of life in every way: emotionally, environmentally, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Are you a Highly Sensitive Person?

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Did you know?

The World Health Organization has labeled stress a “World-Wide Epidemic.” A low level of stress in terms of short-time stress is needed to get going. But prolonged stress takes a toll on health.

About me

Integrative Medicine Practitioner, Author, Certified Coach (ACC)

Hi! I’m Annabelle.

I show highly sensitive women who work as entrepreneur, therapist, coach, osteopath, mother, yoga teacher, or other health professionals like you how to get out of the hamster wheel of overstimulation. I help to develop acceptance of this unique gift of high sensitivity and motivate to claim your capacity as a sensitive leader. Finally, I support you in establishing self-compassion and self-care for your body, mind, and soul unapologetically – even when it seems impossible. 

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I came to Annabelle to get a consultation and treatment of Osteopathy. Because of her high sensitivity and empathy, she already knew before me where my blockages had crept in. Through my coaching with Annabelle and her significant experience and high emotional sensitivity, I could resolve my issues, and my perspectives have changed positively. I’m looking back with gratitude to this intense time of coaching, and I feel happy knowing that I can get back to her anytime. I recommend her and her work to 100%.

Dear Annabelle, my heart is full of gratitude. Thousand thanks for your inconceivably essential accompaniment in the last years, your cordiality, your interest, your curiosity, your perseverance, your benevolence, your critical questions, your intuition, your inspiration, the right impulse at the right time, your humor, the common laughter, the room for tears, a lot of growth and development, space for rest and restlessness, and that you have always seen the best in me.