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Heal - Transform - Thrive - BFree

My mission is to support and educate women, sensitives, and empaths on how to digest live, live healthier lives, balance your nervous and hormones and understand and accept who you are to thrive in life instead of simply survive.


I'm Annabelle -C. Breuer-Udo - An HSP Holistic Health Coach, Author, Ayurveda Health Counselor|, Yoga, Meditation, and Mindfulness Instructor, Intercultural Coach, Founder & Director of Evocative HealthPath LLC, a Global Educator, Wife, Host Mom and Creator of courses, Tools to support women, highly sensitive people, and empaths to live healthier lives. 


I invite you deeply from my heart to join our Evocative HealthPath Community - a wonderful online alternative to social media and an inclusive, diverse, culturally sensitive, loving, warm-hearted online holistic health center to heal, learn, transform and thrive.

The online health & healing center just opened, and the community is about to build and will hopefully grow!