Ready to Claim the Vulnerability and Gift as a Highly Sensitive Woman and Leader!

Stuck or overwhelmed? Trapped in the cycle of overstimulation, stress and feeling all the time?

Integrative medicine, coaching, bodywork, consulting, and spiritual guidance is a true combination of my life’s work and purpose. Therefore, I use my integrative medicine knowledge as well as my intuition, wisdom, and experience as a highly sensitive woman to guide other highly sensitive women and leaders through all transitions and seasons of life. I educate and show highly sensitive women ways how to be with the challenges of high sensitivity, such as overwhelm and overstimulation. Besides the challenges, I help to discover the treasures of high sensitivity traits as well as growing and expanding in their sensitive leadership capacity. Moreover, I create a safe container, and together we explore the strength of emotional sensitivity, the vitality of compassion, and the power of vulnerability. In addition, we create strategies that support thriving as a highly sensitive woman in relationships, at work, systems, and the world in order to live the best health of life in every way: emotionally, environmentally, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Did you know?

The World Health Organization has labeled stress a “World-Wide Epidemic.” A low level of stress in terms of short-time stress is needed to get going. But prolonged stress takes a toll on health.

For instance, highly sensitive people their downside is their tendency to sensory overload. That results in prolonged feelings of stress if they don’t take care of themselves. Consequently, stress, overstimulation, and overwhelm can impact their sleep, social relationships, eating habits, and overall health.

It does not stop there. Here’s a quick definition for those of you who are new to learning about the trait:

The term high sensitivity (HS) or highly sensitive person (HSP) was characterized in the 1990s by American psychologist and psychotherapist Dr. Elaine N. Aron.
According to psychologist Elaine Aron, a pioneer in researching, Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) is a unique, innate trait that at least 20 percent of the population had.
In the scientific world, it is described as sensory processing sensitivity.

Important: It is NOT a disorder! It’s a personal trait, such as eye color. The sensory processing sensitivity( HSP) trait evolved as a survival strategy of the population. Highly sensitive people’s nervous system is very powerful and differentiative. Still, on the other hand, it is more sensitive to stress and overstimulation.

As stated by Dr. Aron the HSP trait is concluded in the acronym DOES, which stands for:

*Depth of processing


*Emotionally responsive, and Empathy

*Sensing subtleties

These days stress is a major challenge for many people as well as Non-HSP as HSP’s. To name a few examples: a hectic, boring, stressful job, a chaotic, tensioned home life, bills to worry about, financial dependency, pressure, stress, and tension with your spouse, partner, colleague, sibling, friend, habits such as unhealthy, emotional eating, food stressors, environmental stressors, social stress such as racism and many more. All of those examples can lead to a mountain of stress in your physical, emotional, and mental body.

But as a highly sensitive person, your nervous system tends to get overstimulated easily in today’s modern society and the hectic, chaotic world because it takes in a lot of information in depth of processing. The HSP brain functions like a supercomputer- it takes in a lot and needs to process a lot.

If you feel overstimulated, you shut down your super senses and might become emotionally frozen. Consequently, it is harder to stay connected to the positive side of this trait, as well as the strengths of emotional sensitivity, empathy, compassion, and the power of vulnerability.

Therefore it’s more important than ever to find the balance between healthy stimulation and overstimulation and become anchored in the centered, sensitive Self. I’d love for you to find ways to live BIG in this world instead of small caused by a lack of coping strategies for overstimulation, stress, and overwhelm. The world needs your sensitive leadership capacity!


About me

Integrative Medicine Practitioner, Author, Certified Coach (ACC)

Hi! I’m Annabelle.

I show highly sensitive women who work as entrepreneur, therapist, coach, osteopath, mother, yoga teacher, or other health professionals like you how to get out of the hamster wheel of overstimulation. I help to develop acceptance of this unique gift of high sensitivity and motivate to claim your capacity as a sensitive leader. Finally, I support you in establishing self-compassion and self-care for your body, mind, and soul unapologetically – even when it seems impossible. 

I do so by

*Revealing the mindset shifts you need as a highly sensitive woman and leader- which were never taught in school or by most parents- to create the freedom and lifestyle you desire.

*Offering one-on-one online & in-person Coachings, classes, and workshops with time for exploration and giving you the right tools and strategies that support you to find your way and live your best life in every way: emotionally, mentally, environmentally, physically, and spiritually.

• And living what I teach!

The reason what I role model works is because I create room for learning and growth from experience, wisdom, and knowledge. Together we’ll create a lifestyle that nurtures your body, mind, soul, and spirit, that you’re meant to have as a highly sensitive woman and leader.

Seeing other highly sensitive women and leaders thrive and succeed with their unique gift lights me up. It’s my life purpose to evoke women’s sensitive leadership capacity, healing process and health path. I’m passionate about motivating and encouraging highly sensitive women to claim and nurture their sensitive Self, live a vibrant health, balanced, and purposeful life.

Stay with me, and I’ll show you how!


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I came to Annabelle to get a consultation and treatment of Osteopathy. Because of her high sensitivity and empathy, she already knew before me where my blockages had crept in. Through my coaching with Annabelle and her significant experience and high emotional sensitivity, I could resolve my issues, and my perspectives have changed positively. I’m looking back with gratitude to this intense time of coaching, and I feel happy knowing that I can get back to her anytime. I recommend her and her work to 100%.

Dear Annabelle, my heart is full of gratitude. Thousand thanks for your inconceivably essential accompaniment in the last years, your cordiality, your interest, your curiosity, your perseverance, your benevolence, your critical questions, your intuition, your inspiration, the right impulse at the right time, your humor, the common laughter, the room for tears, a lot of growth and development, space for rest and restlessness, and that you have always seen the best in me.