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Welcome to My Blog!

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

A warmhearted welcome - I'm happy that you are here!

Are you wondering what this Blog is about?

This Blog intends to teach and inspire, give holistic health tips and new perspectives, shape old beliefs, tell stories, and shares experiences about health-related issues such as women's health, stress reduction, health prevention, menopause, emotional and mental health, spiritual growth, intercultural development, chronic diseases, nutritional tips and recipes and much more.

My mission is to educate and support people to live healthier lives through Ayurveda, Inner Work, Mindfulness, Yoga, Meditation, Intercultural Growth, and Holistic Psychology....

I will share a few introductory words about myself.

The topics of health and spirituality have always been a passion of mine and a value from an early age on, as well as the calling of supporting and serving people on their path of health, healing, and personal growth. Early on, I was aware that everything is connected and that body, mind, and soul cannot be seen separately.

Therefore, I have always continued to educate myself and deepened and expanded my knowledge in the field of holistic health and medicine.

I'm a holistic medicine lover! And nature lover!

I'm not an opponent of traditional Western Medicine, but I'm a strong proponent and advocate of natural holistic medicine such as Ayurveda.

I started my career path with Osteopathic Medicine and Naturopathy and have been expanding the treasure box with Psychology, Ayurvedic Medicine, Coaching, Leadership Development, Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, Research in (Health)Psychology, and Intercultural Development and Growth.

I love working with women and supporting them on their health path, for example, when they enter the stage of transformation in the time of perimenopause, menopause, or postmenopause.

I also enjoy supporting Highly Sensitive People and Empaths to reduce their challenges with sensitivity and thrive in life instead of just surviving.

Additionally, I'm passionate about serving people, groups, teams, and organizations to develop a sensitivity for cultural development and growth.

On my personal path, I have done a lot of inner work, tried out and experienced many things in personal development, and thereby learned a lot about myself and life. But this is something to share in other Blog articles.

Professional Bio

I will also share with you my professional and formal bio.

Annabelle-C. Breuer-Udo's background-origin in Osteopathic Medicine, Naturopathic Medicine, as well as Ayurvedic Medicine. She is an Author, a Certified Co-active Coach and Health Coach (ACC), TriYoga, Meditation and Mindfulness Instructor and Ayurveda Health Counselor. She currently studies Psychology (B.A.) in MN/USA. She brings extensive and deep knowledge, experience, and wisdom of the whole body and pulls it all together in her coaching and consultation business. All in all, Annabelle has been working with clients successfully for 15+ years.

Now that you’ve said hello to the world, it’s time to introduce yourself. Your first blog post is a chance to tell readers who you are with a short bio, as well as share what your blog is about and why you are blogging. You can include something personal or funny, or add a photo of yourself or your business. Give your readers an idea of what to expect in upcoming blog posts.

What else am I interested in ?

When I'm not writing Blog posts, posts for social media or serving clients I'm spending for example time in nature. I love nature, I love gardening, hiking, swimming, cooking, deep conversations, art, yoga, traveling, reading.

I live happily in an interracial marriage and I'm a passionate host mom for exchange students.

Closing with a question

Now I'm curious about you. What do you love about life and what do you hope to get from this Blog?

I invite you to leave a comment

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