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What is it like to work with me?

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

This post I'm sharing with you today is part of Dagmar Recklies' blogparade in Germany.

It is about the question, "What is it like to work with me?"

The response to this question captures topics such as my values in business, some personal characteristics, and foundational principles in my life and work.

It is an opportunity to get to know me a little better.

#1: What is most important to me when working with my clients?

As a holistic medicine and psychology lover, holistic health coach, Ayurvedic health counselor, psychology student, author, and former osteopath and naturopath (trained and licensed in Germany), it is important to me that my clients see health as a journey, not a quick fix.

Health is the foundation of the life we have been gifted with. It is not only the absence of illness. It is also the willingness to use any circumstance as an opportunity for new growth and development. The essence of health is a constant change that consists of transformation, restoration, and renewal.

"Whenever we are burdened with symptoms, it is a sign that we moved far away from ourselves and core essence. It is a sign of wrestling with inner conflicts (whether unconscious or conscious), and of not digesting life well mentally, physically, and emotionally. Therefore we get out of balance and walk in disharmony through life.

It is important to me, when clients want to work with me that they are willing to take self-responsibility because no one else is going to take responsibility for them.

It is also important that clients have a desire to learn to understand themselves deeper, to explore the roots of the causes that throw them out of balance, and to make them feel unhappy.

Also, it is beneficial if clients are willing to make their experiences by learning how to correct the causes to return to balance.

Currently, I support women who are struggling with the challenges of menopause or the time before and are looking for natural ways of physical, mental, and emotional support.

I also support highly sensitive and very empathic people who are challenged with the characteristics of this trait and desire to create a healthy, energetic, fulfilled life.

Furthermore, I accompany individuals, teams, groups, and organizations in the area of intercultural development and health based on IDI - Intercultural Development Inventory.

#2: Values and basic principles of my work and what they mean for my work with my clients

Here you get an insight into my core values in business and working with me.

Acceptance and respect - I want to be accepted and respected for who I am, even if I say NO. You can expect the same from me.

Trust - every relationship is built on trust. You can rely on me.

Honesty - you will experience transparency with me and no playing games.


Warm-heartedness - a warm, friendly, understanding attitude and atmosphere are very important to me.

Calm presence-to create a safe space for healing

Empathic listening - is part of my calling and was given to me as a gift. I put myself into your shoes and offer support and guidance that is tailored to your unique situation.

Emotional freedom - with me, you will discover the whole range of emotions - full permission to laugh, cry, show anger and frustration, and show love and joy, and so forth. Feel deep and live powerfully is the motto.

Freedom from judgment - my zone is a judgment-free zone. According to the motto, let your masks down and be who you are and are meant to be.

Inclusion - it is very close to my heart that we people accept and include each other with our similarities AND differences, and thus exclusion is not what I appreciate.

Cultural Sensitivity - openness and sensitivity for all cultures and subcultures.

Reduce harshness - and add softness to your life.

Doing & Being - when we work together, it is important for me that you step into the doing/implementation part and explore the being part by diving into the meaning and experience of rest, grounding, centering, and balance.

Inner Work - I continuisly work on myself, my issues and do my inner work to clear the space and provide a neutral space for the client - coach/counselor relationship to avoid any projections or any kind of this. Also, I particpaite in trainings, programms, workshops, retreats regularly to deepen and expand my knwoledge and professional competence.

Heading #3: My basic principles

Respect, acceptance, warmth. Understanding. Inclusion and cultural sensitivity are very important to me in life and also in a client-coach-therapist relationship.

I want to be accepted, respected and included and appreciate cultural sensitivity. I also return these values to relationships to bring more humanity into the world. It is a giving and receiving.

A life with healthy boundaries

Healthy boundaries are the basis for our health and relationships. Boundaries are one of our basic needs. Boundaries tell us that we are safe. Boundaries symbolize protection. Boundaries symbolize stability - representing holding and being held with love and boundaries.

Lack of setting boundaries is often a cause of many complaints, symptoms, and conflicts and often leads to disease.

Clarity - I appreciate clear, transparent, respectful, and friendly communication.

Joy, fun, laughter - we are also allowed to have joy and fun when we work together, including laughing. I embody this in everyday life as well. I enjoy life when it is filled with joy - our birthright is to feel well, to be happy.

This is how others describe me:

Here I have compiled a few adjectives for you, how people have described me in the course of my life and still describe me today.

Positive - optimistic - always connects with the slightest hope, even in the darkest moments.

Trustworthy - people who come into my presence feel they can open up and share their deepest, vulnerable stories or secrets with me because of my calm, grounding, warm-hearted, understanding presence.


Creative thinker

Calm presence

Freedom - make others feel free, so they can feel at home within themselves and be fully who they are.

Adventurous- I love adventure, such as traveling.

Humorous- I love to laugh and be silly on a regular basis and connect with my playfulness. My husband, family, and close friends know this about me.

Genuine - In university setting, professors described me as genuine.

Mountain - this is not an adjective, but this is how I have been metaphorically described. Stable and grounded like a mountain that sometimes takes longer to open up and let the walls fall down

Vulnerable - people who know me deeper describe that I show myself as very vulnerable.

Quiet - I am not one of the loud extroverts or eccentrics. I am right in the middle between extroversion and introversion. You will find me enjoying alone time and social time- I need and enjoy both.

Deep - loves deep conversations.

Smart - very smart, but doesn't necessarily show it, obviously

Lots of knowledge and a wealth of experience

Wise/Mystical - friends perceived me as such.

Loyal - my colleagues have described me as very loyal

Clear and direct - from me, you get clear and also direct opinions and perspectives.

Diplomacy - often in conflict situations, I was described like this

#4: This is how a 1:1 collaboration with me usually works.

Maybe you already follow me on Instagram or LinkedIn or have subscribed to my newsletter, or you got a referral for me. Now the next step is to make an appointment for a 15 min complimentary call with me by emailing to

In this call, we both have the opportunity to get to know each other and find out if we can imagine working together and clarifying any questions. I listen to you and your issues and get a clear picture of your issues, where you stand, what your goal is, and what you hope from our collaboration.

I want to determine if your issue is within my area of expertise and competence; if not, I will communicate that clearly and make referrals if desired.

If we both have a good feeling and want to work together, I will explain the further procedure to you. I will give you orientations and building blocks that can be part of your journey.

So far, I have handled it so that after the 15 min complimentary call, you got an individual offer from me tailored to your needs with more specific details on content and price,

This year (2023), I am taking a slightly different approach and offering a 1:1 collaboration with me for either six months or 12 months.

My observation with previous clients is that if they really want to make a long-term change in health, packages of 3 sessions ( 6/8/12 weeks) were often not enough. They often experienced setbacks, and old habits quickly got them back in control. This is normal but often frustrating.

That's why I now offer long-term sustainable packages of 6-12 months. This gives enough time to change habits and to make lasting changes.

Since transparency is important to me, I would like to openly share the price with you here as well. 6 months of cooperation with me I offer in 2023 for $ 3000 and 12 months for $6000.

After our conversation, you will receive the offer in the form of a proposal.

You then have the opportunity to accept it, ask questions, or even change something in consultation with me. You can, of course, also distance yourself from it and not accept it.

Since communication is very important to me, communicating at this point is always very helpful. Several clients have asked for changes, and we have made changes/adjustments until it feels coherent.

And if you give me the green light, we will get started and begin the journey.

The collaboration happens online through Zoom or in person.

Collaboration takes place via Zoom online or in person.

Our meetings take place via Zoom. Unless we live nearby and you would like to meet in person.

At the end of each meeting, you will receive some form of homework from me. These are things that you then work on, reflect on, and try out so that you can get into the implementation and transformation to achieve results.

You share your experience and results with me 24 hours before our session. I look at what you share with me and prepare and follow up on our meetings. This means that our collaboration consists of our session and the preparation and post-processing time. Part of the sessions (usually the first session) is also a detailed questionnaire/in-take/assessment - because I always look at my clients holistically.

In the Zoom sessions, we follow your agenda and your experience reports, what worked, what didn't, what areas you want to dive deeper into etc...from time to time, you also get some psyche and holistic education and guidance from me.

The rhythm of our meetings/how often we meet, we determine at the beginning of our collaboration, which of course, can vary.

I think that's all for now. Now you hopefully got an idea what working with me may look like.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email.

I look forward to hearing from you.



P.S.And here are some testimonials -


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